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  1. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    No, it's not. Homosexuality will become conformity over the years as it is more widely accepted, eventually forcing everyone to be homosexual and heterosexuality will be shunned. Heterosexuality gives us the options of loving each other differently; we love the "different" sex, rather than the "same" in homosexuality. Hetero = different, homo = same.
    Homosexuality is an unnatural, alien -decision- people make based on social factors. Yes, they sit and decide "oh I want to be homosexual" even though they are still attracted, naturally, to the opposite sex. Homosexuality is completely decision based and sociological related, it has nothing to do with biological factors. It's just one day you up and decide that you want to be homosexual, based on your social life.
  2. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    So you like the idea of humans evolving into same sex relationships even though we have no capabilities to produce life that way? Do -YOU- want to be homosexual someday? The more we accept it, the more -everyone- will evolve towards it where everyone will someday be homosexual within the centuries. And then what? The only way then to produce life would be to plant sperm in outside artificial chambers. You think that's an okay method for all of humanity? If you think rape, stealing, and murder are wrong, why don't you see the error in homosexuality as well? I "care" what humans were designed to do. There's a reason why the Bible says what it does; to keep us freaking existing as humans. You may want us to be a civilization of grey, no name or faced boring perfect species, I want us to retain our individuality, and you know, -love- each other.
  3. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    When people aren't told what's right or wrong, chaos ensues as people become outlaws, thinking murdering or stealing and the like just fine and dandy. You need some "control" in order to protect peace. Homosexuality is wrong as humans are not designed to be homosexual, therefore something that should never exist in the first place.
  4. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    I'm a help desk agent for my university.

    No I'm not a homo-phobe, but I don't think it's right at all. It's not a biological fact. It's a sociological flaw. It's something that should be shunned and discouraged, not accepted and praised.
  5. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    I go back to work tomorrow.

    I dreamed that every one in the world accepted homosexuality as an okay thing and tried to kill me because I refused to, so I had to fight the entire world by my self and survive. ._.
  6. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    TRIX FTW PLZ! It's 1:12 PM but I woke up around 11 AM lol. Man I had some terrible dreams last night.
  7. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    YAY! /score

    So what's for breakfast miss Member of the Month?
  8. SOC
    05-30-2010 - permalink
    Yay you went to cuddle me? <3 XD
  9. Naps
    05-29-2010 - permalink
    Mio mio mio ~~~
  10. SOC
    05-29-2010 - permalink
    I'll have to try it someday but I'm having way too much fun in FFXI ATM. XD

    What are you having tonight for dinner?

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