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  1. Jon
    12-23-2009 - permalink
    I doubt it'll suck, never doubt yourself man. Unless you're naturally talented, works of art and the things you make won't be considered the best that art has to offer, but I'm sure it'll look fine. All it takes is time and practice, after all Rome wasn't built in a day. :P

    By the way, people won't see your replies unless you reply back on the other person's page (I like to click on "View Conversation"). I just came upon your user page by chance again because I saw your newest blog entry (I'll comment). Just a friendly tip. xD
  2. 7979789Omina
    12-23-2009 - permalink
    Absolutely nothing! Of course you wrote 3 days ago, I'm negligent on checking stuff, I apolgize. Besides, Chirstmas is a few days. ALSO, getting a handmand signature soon. Because its made by me though, it may suck.
  3. Jon
    12-20-2009 - permalink
    Hey, what's up?

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Posted 03-08-2010 at 04:32 PM by 7979789Omina Comments 5
Posted in Uncategorized
I had to fill out my senior schedule yesterday. Now, I'm a music man so I'm getting out of high school under the institute of Arts, and next year I decided to take:

English IV <- Because its required...

Pre-calculus <- Because I do not like Statistics and its required for my to have 4 math credits...

Government & Economics <- Required. Damn it. [Social Studies]

That covers Core classes for Electives I chose:


Posted 02-21-2010 at 06:17 PM by 7979789Omina Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
now that the tide has cleared, I've gotten addicted to another game. A Nintendo DS game by the name of Etrian Odyssey II. I had played the first one for a long time when I borrowed it from a friend a few months ago. Then I saw this sequel in the store and was like "Why not?"

Of course, that got me totally hooked on the game to the point of addiction. Idc though, I enjoy it a lot.

I also got Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3, its interesting, though I feel...

Posted 02-14-2010 at 06:10 AM by 7979789Omina Comments 1
Posted in Uncategorized
For once in my life days are actually being normal. I never thought that'd happen. Happy V-Day everybody! I bring good news.

1.Days are finally beginning to normalize, and I'm not having an epilepsy [<-Metaphor mind you, I don't actually have epilepsy.] every hour. Which is great because now I can be myself.
2. I had the opportunity to switch back to windows today... but I passed because I can pretty much do everything I ever really needed with Ubuntu already, plus I love...

Posted 01-27-2010 at 06:26 PM by 7979789Omina Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
Lovely, my head started spinning again.[It doesn't literally 360 spin, it sure as hell feels like that though.], What its officially called is Vertigo, or Spinning Sensation. Its usually occurs as a result of a disorder in the vestibular system. I don't know if this is a withdrawal [a?]effect from MCM leaving, or if something else caused it. Its just plain weird.

Anyway, that's the only thing of interest that's happened recently, until next post.

Posted 01-22-2010 at 06:24 PM by 7979789Omina Comments 2
Posted in Uncategorized
Its that time of year again, the time where every project starts and everything is happening everyday!!!

It sucks.

Here's a nice little schedule.

Today: Have said good bye to my friend as he left the city.
January 23rd: Help the choir booster club almost all day.
January 24th: Play video games
January 25th. Cry.
January 27: Progress Report get!
January 28-29: Speech Project
January 31st: Mom's B-day.
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Posted 03-10-2010 at 06:02 AM by SOC SOC is offline
Senior year ... at least...
Posted 03-09-2010 at 05:06 PM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
Senior year in high...
Posted 03-09-2010 at 09:54 AM by Yukipyon Yukipyon is offline
that looks suspiciously...
Posted 03-09-2010 at 09:45 AM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
Ahhh, the easy days...
Posted 03-08-2010 at 04:57 PM by SOC SOC is offline
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