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oh wow
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Default Advanced Guide

This guide was not created by me,but from silverjackel from the official forums,with permission to repost it here.So please enjoy this indepth guide that will give you an even greater picture on the world of MegaTen.

Shandrakor had her newbie guide before what is helped you to get a picture on what's will be going in the game. Now I decided to cover some features too from my own experience and the infos I gathered around however it's advisable to use both of them cause those topics which are already in Shandrakor's guide mine won't include at first (there will be updates so I'll try to gather as much thing in here as possible).

Shandrakor started to post her fusion charts too which are really helpfull. Check them out at her guide:

Special Thanks for helping:


and for everyone who gives me feedback on the guide.

I hope you will find it usefull:

Character Creation

After you log in the game your first thing will be creating your character who's gonna be your alter-ego in the game. When you click on the create character button the server selection will come up and after you past it you will see the actual character creation window. You can choose your character's gender,height, face, hair, clothes and also which weapon you want to begin with. After everything set and done you just name your character and click on the confirm button which was greyed out before.

In this video you can see the character creation of the Japanese version of the game

Skill points

In this game the skills are leveling up in two steps which are different what you can see in others. Every skill is sorted in a group and every group has two attributes: Class and Rank. The Rank is made up from 100 skill points and every Class is made up from 10 Ranks (1000 skill points).

There isn't any character jobs or classes in the game but you need to spend you skill points very wisely. There are three main types of characters in the game: Fighter, Gunner and Mage.

When you open your skill tree you will see the the skill groups, a bar under every group and a little " - " sign after every groups name. If you click on one of the groups' name you will see which skills you can acquire if you spend your skillpoints on that group. If you want to spend your points on a skill group then you have to click on the " - " sign next to the groups name. This will enables to the group to earn skill points and the bar under it's name will be slowly filled up as you use the skills which are in that group. You can see the maximum amount of skill points that you can use int the upper right corner of the skill tree and under it you can see how much you spent already.

After the group reaches a required level of Rank or Class you can learn new skills and a little "!" sign will appear next to the group. You can now click on the group and double click on the skills to learn them. There are cases when you can choose from two skills but after you learned one you can't learn the other.

There are skill resetting items in the game so if you used up your points you can still claim them back (the skills you learned will be deleted in this case of course). Also if you feel you choosed wrong skill you don't need to reset your entire skillpoints there is an item which allows you to switch onto an other skill.

Basic Player Skills and Combat System

Shin Megami Tensei's combat system is simple however harder to master as it looks. It can be described as a Rock-Paper-Scissors system. Every skill can cancel out others and every skills can be canceled out with others so you need to analize your enemy's movement to figure out what can it been up to.

Offensive skills

1, Attack - The basic melee attack skill. It can be chained up to three times at most. Attack can cancel out Dodge skills but it can be canceled out with Defend or Counter. Attack also can cancel out Rush skills but just in that case if you can hit the enemy before he starts his Rush attack animation.

2, Rush - A powerfull attack against a single enemy. it has a charging time before you use it so first you push the Rush attack's button your character will charge up while he is surrounded by a pink aura. When you are charged up you can perform the Rush attack on a target. Every attack costs a little amount of your character's HP. Rush attack can cancel Defend and Dodge but it can be canceled by Counter or Attack.

3, Spin - The third melee attack skill. It's a 360 or a 180 degree area attack. You can't move as long as the Spin attack is active. Spin attack can cancel out Counter and Dodge but it can't cancel out Guard.

4, Projectiles - Includes every ranged attacks (some kinds of magic and shots of the gunners). Projectile attack can cancel out almost every type of attack and defense skill because of the range except the Dodge. However these attacks have charge times too as the Rush attack and the enemy can get closer to you as you are waiting for your skill and Projectile attacks are also can be canceled if you get a hit on the charge phase.

Defensive Skills

1, Guard - The basic defensive skill. When it's activated the character is taking up a defensive stance. Your character can move in this stance but more slowly than usual. If you are attacked then a shield forms in front of your character cancelling out the attack of the enemy and leave them open for your attacks. Guard can cancel Attack and Spin attacks but can be canceled out with Rush attacks or Projectiles.

2, Counter - The second defensive skill. When it's activated your character is stand in one place and can't move. If you are attacked while with Attack or Rush attacks while you are in counter then you will knock back the enemy and deal massive damage to them but Counter can be canceled out with Spin attacks or Projectiles. Alo there is a cooldown time so you have to wait for use it again.

3, Dodge - You can nullify the damage of Projectile attacks with this skill however it can be canceled with any other attack skills.

Chain Expert Skills and Enchanting

Chain Expert Skills were added to the Japanese version about a year ago. You can obtain them through two quest which a Saint Germain named NPC adds to you in the second floor of Shinjuku Babel.

So there are the first which is Fusion and as it's names states it fusing your demons together to form special magic crystals (Devil Crystals) which you can use to enchant your equipment.

With a skill you can enchant your items [Magical Equipment Technique]. You need magic crystals for the process. At enchanting first you need to select the crystal that you want to use and the item which you want to enchant. Then a percentage will appear which is the success rate. When everything is done and confirmed you need to click on a large purple button and you'll see an animation. If you succeds then you will see a blue notification message in the chat window, if you fail then you will see a red one. You will only lose 5 of the items durability upon failure so your magic crystal will remain. Most of the items has two slots if you check their details. You can place a magic crystal into each slot however with this skill you are limited to the first slot.

The success rate of the enchanting are depending on the character's intelligence and luck:

Every 10 points in INT = +1% success rate
Every 5 points in LUK = +1% success rate

You also get around 3-4% bonus for your success rate during Full Moon.
Full Moon is in every 3 hours and lasts for 12 minutes.

When your Fusion skill reaches Class 1 then you can start fusing your devils into crystals. Every Devil Crystal has two properties the first is activated when you placing the crystal to the first slot of your item and the second is when you place it to the second in the enchanting process.

To be able to place crystals into the second slot you must reach the Class 2 with your Fusion skill and use the Soul Fusion Technique. This skill is used to place advanced Magic Crystals and Devil Crystals into the second slot of your item. With the Devil Crystals you can gain many special abilities. With this fusion however if you fails you lose your crystal.

And there is the other Chain Expert Skill, the "Devil Killing Fist" [at least it was translated to this]. It's basicly an elemental Rush attack. There is one to every element, every one of them consumes some percentage of your HP and MP and the damage dealt by them is depending on your Magical Attack stats.


The devils will be your partners throughout the game. First of all you need to capture them through negotiation. There's 3 types of negotiation skills (greet/intimidate/provoke). With higher class greeting skills you can bribe the devils to join to you.

Negotiations can end different ways:

1, Success - The devil decides to be your minion and become an egg. You need to click on this egg and confirm that you want to add the devil into your COMP. (Every devil is stored in your COMP and you need a free slot in your Devil List to be able to add new devil to the list.)

2, Failure - Sometimes the negotiation goes to a wrong way and the devil attacks you. In this case you have to deal with it and search for another devil cause any further negotiation is pointless.

3, Gift - The devil likes you but it doesn't want to join you. In this case it disappears from the map and leave a box behind which can contain various items and money.

4, Escape - The devil had enough from you and disappears leaving nothing behind.

5, Cease-Fire - Sometimes the negotiation just not works. It can be because the devil don't understand you. In this case the devil will just repeat the same message over and over so you have to search for another devil to negotiate with.

All negotiation skills are considered as Mind type skills so you can't capture devils which are immune to Mind type attacks. You also can't capture devils from the Boss rooms of dungeons and the large versions of the devils on the maps.

All of your Devils is stored on your COMP and you can access them in your Devil list. You can see your Devils stats here and you also can Summon and Dismiss them. When you hit up your Devil's stats you will see a window with four tabs in it's upper part. You can see the stats in the first tab.

The second tab is showing your Devils skills. The upper bar is your devils skillbar. There are two other bars below it for the skills your Devil just learned and at last there are some slots for the inherited skills in the lowest part of the window. You have to choose your devils skills carefully cause if you selected a skill to add your devils skill bar you can't delete it however you can overwrite the skills with new ones but in this case you lose the old one. Your Devil learns new skills from leveling up and fused Devils also have inherited skills which are the skills of the devils you fused it from. The amount of skills can be inherited to an other Devil with Fusion is depending the levels of the Devils you are gonna fuse together. Also there are skills which are requiring a specific body part or item so if the outcome Devil doesn't have them he can't inherit those skills (for example Caith Sith has a sword but if the outcome Devil not then it can't inherit those skills which are requiring a sword). The inherited skills can't be used right after Fusion. Every inherited skill will have a bar next to them and your Devil needs to master them in order to add them to the skill bar. You have to use attacks with same characteristic or you can search for other Devils with same kind of attacks and let hitted your Devil with them. This means if your Devil has a fire type magic attack inherited then you can master it by using other fire attacks with your Devil or if your Devil don't have any fire magic then you can search for enemies with fire attack skills and let your Devil take a few hits by them. In case of healing skills you have to use healing items or skills on your Devil.

The third tab in your Devil's stat window contains your Devils settings. You can set here what kind of skills can your Devil using in battles automatically.

The settings are the followings:

Movement Settings

Attack the same target as the PC (player character): ( )on ( )off

Skill Settings

Melee ( )on ( )off
Shot ( )on ( )off
Defense ( )on ( )off
Healing ( )on ( )off
Support ( )on ( )off

The fourth tab contains your Devil's Traits. The Traits are often offers immunities to certain attacks or gives bonuses if a certain Devil is summoned by a party member. They are also connected to the Devil's mythological background or a special physical characteristic/talent which the Devil has.


They are little Mobil Computers which your chracter wears on his/her hand. It has various functionalities. Your Devils are stored on them and you can summon the Devils with their help. Also you can access your Devil Compendium on them which is a database about the Devils you capture in the game. You can get your Devil Compendium by accepting the Jakyo Manor's Master request to gather data about the Devils. To record a Devil's datas in the compendium you have to summon the Devil and use the right Memory item. Each recordable Devil has their own specific Memory. if you record a specified amount of Devils you will get a talisman as reward and after 100 recorded Devil an extra slot to your COMP's Devil List. The maximum amount of Devils you can stock in your COMP with plugins is currently 9. You can get a plugin from finishing Act 7, a second one from answering a specified way the Act 16's questions and a third one from recording 100 Devils in your Devil Compendium.

The prizes are the followings:

Devil no. | Prize

5 | Protection Talisman (+4 Defense for Pixie, Garm, Gaki, and Angel while they are summoned)

20 | Illusion Talisman (+6 Magic Attack for Jack Frost, Jack Lantern, Datsueba, and Phoenix while they are summoned)

30 | Spirit Talisman (+6 Magic Attack for Airies, Aquans, Earthies, and Flamies while they are summoned)

40 | Horse Talisman (+6 Attack for Unicorn, Bicorn, and Kelpie while they are summoned)

50 | Voluptuous Talisman (+6 Defense for Harpy, Ocypete, Celaeno and Aello while they are summoned)

60 | Corruption Talisman (+4 Defense and Magic Defense for any Monster Devils while they are summoned)

70 | Love Talisman (+4 Defense and Magic Defense for any Goddess Devils while they are summoned)

80 | Dream Talisman (+4 Defense and Magic Defense for any Holy Beast Devils while they are summoned)

90 | Arrogance Talisman (+4 Defense and Magic Defense for any Fallen Angel Devils while they are summoned)

100 | Extra COMP slot

You can also get some other Talismans by acquiring A rank in various Dungeons.

The Types of COMPs

Arm Terminal

Effect: None
Durability: 24
Stock Guages: +1
You can buy it from the Third Home or Shinjuku Accessory shop. Also you can select it at the character creation.

Terminal Bangle

Effect: None
Durability: 24
Stock Guages: +1
You can buy it from the Third Home or Shinjuku Accessory shop. Also you can select it at the character creation.

Drill COMP

Effect: You will have a 10% bonus damage to all your Melee and Magic Attacks.
Durability: 15
Stock Guages: +2
You can buy it from any Accessory Shops.


Effect: The Devil Summoning time will be reduced.
Durability: 15
Stock Guages: +3
You can obtain it from the Snakeman's Present quest. It's a gift to your character for hitting level 20.


There is two kind of Fusions the "Two-Way" and the "Three Way Fusion" and there are special Devils too.

Two-Way Fusion is simple just go to the Jakyo Manor where the Fusions take places and select the two Devils you want to fuse together. You can't fuse two of the same Devils together and if you fuse two Devils of the same Family you will get a Spirit as result.

Three-Way Fusion is trickier. It utilizes three Devils but not three of your own Devils. If you want to use Three-Way Fusion you need two other Players, one of both Player's Devils and also one of your own Devils. The two other Players must be in your party and the Devils you are using must be at a certain level of friendship. There are Devils in the game which are only obtainable through Three-Way Fusion.

Spirits are the Special Devils cause if you fuse them with a Devil then you will have a Devil one rank up or down from the same family as the original one was. Each Spirit has different effect on different families so the outcome depends on what Spirit were you used on what kind of Devil.

The Devil families are the followings:


Amatsu-no-Kami, Angel, Earth Spirit, Evil Demon, Evil God, Goddess, Pagan God, Seraph, Spirit Bird, Vicious Bird, Wicked Bird, Youma


Devil Beast, Dragon King, Fairy, God Beast, Holy Beast, Legend, Night-Mare, Reaper, Wicked Beast


Apparation, Demon Woman, Devil, Dragon God, Earth Goddess, Evil Dragon, Fallen Angel, Fierce God, Kunitsu-no-Kami, Monster, Wicked Demon

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DemiGodDanzig will become famous soon enoughDemiGodDanzig will become famous soon enough
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*Updated with even more useful info 11/22/08


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