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oh wow
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Default Newbie Guide for SMT: MegaTen Online

This guide was not created by me,it was created by Shandrakor,in the official site of MegaTen at AeriaGames.I asked and was allowed to repost it here.So again,thanks alot for the guide that will be sure to help us out once CB comes out ;D

IIn anticipation of the upcoming CB release, I've prepared a newbie guide to help you get started in the game! I will add more to this as I take more screenshots and remember more info to add.
Those of you already playing the Japanese Version, correct me if I've made any mistakes, please!
I may have mistranslated a LOT of it, so sorry in advance!

Note: I'll try not to release any spoilers so don't worry :) And sorry, no release date either...
There's nothing here that you can't learn from playing the Japanese version. This is just to give those who haven't played the JP version a helping hand when CB opens.

Credit goes to Reaperxtwo, Jessicat (and me) for the screenshots! Thanks for helping me out here :-)
HUUUUUGE thank you to Jessicat for the additional information which I have added into the guide! Thank you hun! Karma for you ^^

The Beginning
You start off just outside a tutorial dungeon, there's not much I need to explain here as the tutorial walks you through everything. It is a pictorial tutorial (as are most of the ingame tutorials and quests) so it is easy to understand.
All I can say about the beginning is this:
COMPLETE THE TUTORIAL QUESTS! There's a nice reward if you complete the tutorial (its a Brave Garm whos stats and skills are better than regular Garms. This is a unique devil, because you can only get it through this quest. If you decide to use it in fusion instead of battle, it will add some nice bonus skills to your new devil).
I will not be adding an indepth Combat section to this guide because the tutorial explains everything you need to know about how abilities work.
*Note about dungeons: If you log out in a dungeon, you get taken back to just outside the front of it when you log back in.
After the tutorial you'll go to virtual battle room. You CAN just walk straight through but I recommend you actually talk to Snakeman (the guy in the white suit with an eyepatch, you'll see a lot of him for the Acts and he was just outside the virtual battle room with his garm) and complete the tasks he sets you.
This section can be a bit confusing at first, because once through the Virtual Battle you get sent back to the foyer of the VB, and if you just keep walking forward, you get sent back to Virtual Battle. There's a door behind you, so use that instead.

Not much else to say here as its all quite self explanatory.

I might also mention that up til lvl 10 there is no penalty for death, but after that you take a small exp loss. To regenerate at your last marked point with full health, (mark points are the blue spinning things you see in cities and dungeons) you will lose 1% of your experience to the next level, (ex. if you have 50% exp to the next level, you will teleport back and revive and have 49%). To regenerate on the spot and regain a 1/4 of your health, it will cost 10% of your experience to the next level, (ex. if you have 50% exp to the next level, you will revive and have 40%).

Snakeman's Gifts
As mentioned, Snakeman is the NPC who provides the Acts. He also gives you gifts for reaching certain levels, and for completing things like the tutorial.
For completing the tutorial, you receive a Brave Garm
For reaching lvl 20 you get a S-COMP, which has an additional 2 combo gauges for your devil combo attack. I suggest you use these as they're very powerful and can hit multiple enemies.
For lvl 30 you get an Undeveloped Cerberus, its another unique devil like the Brave Garm. Its stats differ to the regular Cerberus and its appearance is much smaller. It has great skills though so worth keeping! (Can I add, there are several types of Cerberus you can gain, there's the Injured Cerberus from the quest, Undeveloped C from Snakeman, lvl 20 mount Cerberus which you can still use in battle, and the lvl 49 regular fused Cerberus. They're all slightly different, and of different sizes.)
At lvl 40 you get the choice of Blizzard Jack Frost, Storm Pixie or Blaze Pyro Jack. They're only lvl 1 and you can only choose 1, but they CAN learn ultimate skills so they're really worth raising! It has been mentioned that its not a good idea to get them right away, as they can be difficult to raise until you have access to a good leveling spot, but this is a matter of opinion and in the worst case scenario you can store them in your devil storage.

Devils & Fusing
Everyone's favourite topic! :D
Fusing takes place at the Jakyou Manor whose icon is a purple circle with markings all over it:

Most of you will be familiar with devil fusing, so I'll just start with a few notes about differences between fusing in the SMT series and SMT:Imagine Online, followed by some general fusing notes:
-While you can still fail your fusing, your devils don't die if you fail, you just lose your fusing fee! You also don't accidentally create blobs of slime.
-The fee for fusing is TINY so don't worry about losing money on loads of failures. The fee is displayed at the start of fusion along with the % chance of success so don't worry about this.
-Many devils can be negotiated with and captured outside of towns, without having to fuse them HOWEVER, your devils will retain skills from the devils which you use to fuse them, thus ending up with better skills than if you had just caught it from the wilderness. These skills take time to actually become available to your devil; your devil needs to take similar damage from other mobs, or use similar skills for the % bar to fill and the skill become available for use.
-There is no upkeep fee for summoning your devil, only an initial summon fee.
-You cannot fuse or negotiate with a devil higher than your level

You have to keep negotiating with the devil until one of several actions occurs: it disappears (flees), it gets angry and attacks you, it disappears and leaves you a green box with a gift inside, or it turns into an egg. Some demons can call a truce/cease-fire; they'll simply stop attacking you, and if you try talking to them they'll say the same thing. When a demon turns into an egg, that means you convinced it to come with you, so you can take it into your arm comp.
There are several negotiating skills which you can use, from 3 separate trees: Greet, Intimidate and another one whose name escapes me.
Greet Tree:

Greet - This is the default you start with. Just chat with a demon. Costs 3mp.
1,000 Macca Bribe - This will give 1,000 Macca to the demon you are negotiating with; I've had mixed success (and a lighter wallet) using this skill.
1,000 Magnetite Bribe - Offer a demon 1,000 Magnetite (this is also used for summoning demons as well as some advanced demon skills). Never tried this one out, Mag is a lot rarer to come by than Macca as you only get it as drops in small quantities, and buying Mag from other players is quite costly. (The JP server rate was approximately 55000Macca per 10000Mag)
Purple Orb Bribe - This one will bribe a demon by giving it 1 purple orb per bribe (no mp involved for this one, whoo!) Works better than greeting. Isn't useable once you run out of orbs. These orbs are very common drops for low level devils and they're cheap to buy, at only 100makka each so its a far cheaper method of bribing.
White Orb Bribe - This will bribe a demon by giving it 1 white orb per bribe. No mp for this one either! Isn't useable once you run out of orbs. You can buy these healing orbs in shops, get them as loot from demons, or get them as gifts from loyal demons.
Jewel Bribe - Bribe a demon with any kind of gem; these are usually prizes from completing dungeons successfully, or as loot in treasure chests or dropped by enemies. Certain demons like certain types of gems more over others. Remeber which and you'll probably win them over much more easily.

There are 2 sorts of devils you can fuse: devils (and all the different families) and spirits.
Fusing with spirits is different to fusing with just other devils, as instead of fusing to make a devil of a different family, it just raises the family level of the current devil by one, or brings it down by one. There are 4 spirits that each affect different devil families differently. The first spirit can be obtained really soon, by fusing a Kahaku (the red fairy outside Third Home) with the Kodamas (the floating green paper guy also outside Third Home) and this creates the Earth spirit.
There are 5 levels of devil emotion; neutral, and 2 above and 2 below that. If your devil doesn't like you, its stats will be decreased, the amount depends on how much it doesnt like you. Try to keep them happy! There are a few things that affect your devil's feelings towards you; there's a skill that increases your devil's feelings for you pretty much from one end of the spectrum to the other, so its a good one to use. Takes a day to recharge though. Summoning your devil also increases its feelings slightly. Things like death and fusing decrease how much it likes you though.
Your devils can do special combo attacks that require a sort of rage gauge to be filled before they can be used. The number of gauges you can fill is determined by your COMP, and this combo gauge is explained in a tutorial by the guy standing outside Third Home with a Pixie.

The fusing screen looks like this:

The circles indicate that a new devil can be fused with those 2 devils, and a circle with dots indicates a spirit can be fused.
Actually Jessicat is right here. There ARE some types of demons that simply won't fuse with each other, possibly because of alignment? Devils of the same type will not fuse, and certain devils won't fuse with each other. Its not just a matter of alignment because I've had 2 neutral devils that wouldn't fuse for some reason.

This is a game that doesn't have any set classes which is great. However, there are 3 main builds:
Melee Fighter (swords, knives, etc)
Mage (magic user, self explanatory)
Gun Fighter (rifles, handguns, shotguns etc)
Its quite important to note that Hybrids really aren't a good idea as your point spread will be too stretched and your damage will take a huge hit because of this. Each build requires a different single stat to enhance their damage, and the point cost of stats actually goes up incrementally as you gain levels in the stat.
Melee damage is determined by strength
Magic damage is determined by magic
Ranged damage is determined by speed
Remember that each build has a number of different weapons which affect different mobs differently. For instance, some mobs are highly resistant against slashing attacks by piercing attacks will work well, and the different types of guns hit different types of mobs with varying damage.

It can also be noted that Handguns are a suitable weapon for mages as they add bonus magic damage, and MP in addition to their regular ranged attack.

The classes are also quite balanced; their power is based on the skills that you use, so there isn't one build which is overpowered or anything.

Skills in Megaten raise in a similar way to that in Ultima Online (if any of you have played it) and honestly, its a great system in comparison to most other games.
Instead of your skill levels rising with your level, and you putting points into the skills, your skills actually raise as you use them.
You have a max pt of 19000 and each time you use your weapon, or your special attack, its points will raise. As you gain ranks and classes in your skills you will get more bonuses and more attacks.
To get the skills to raise as you use them, there's a button next to the skill family tree that'll either display a - (minus) or a ^ (arrow pointing up).
The Minus (-) button means the rank will not raise as you use the skills in that tree, and the arrow (^) means that it will.
I'll go into more detail on skills when I have a chance to write more in this guide!

Money at Low Levels
Apart from farming mobs and selling cash shop items, you can make some decent cash at a low level by recycling.

These glowing balls allow you to play a minigame where you have to stop the timer when the line hits the white box. You'll be rewarded with some trash which can be NPC'd for a bit of money depending on what sort of trash it is. Repeating these balls as they spawn over and over again is a great way to build up a nice stash to buy better gear.
Selling the gems you get from completing a dungeon can get you some good money too. Only if you decide to level up your talk skills will they be useful, (you can use the gems as bribes for enemy demons to join you).
When you defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon you can choose a box of treasure and most often you get gems, which sell for quite a bit.

The User Interface

1) The Radar:
This displays the location of nearby mobs, and other players. If you click on the little button in the circle which looks like the number 4, this opens your minimap. Radar will show enemies (alive or dead) as orange dots, other players show as white dots, and NPCs and terminals show as green dots. The small triangle area is the direction you are facing. The circle above the map button shows the current moon phase, and a clock shows the time of day in a 24-hour style; some demons only appear during certain times of day or certain moon phases.
2) The Skillbar:
The top skillbar belongs to your devil, and the bottom belongs to you. To put a skill in to the bar, just drag it from your skill list. Your devil's skills are added automatically.
To remove a skill, just right click it.
3) Your HP/MP/EXP bar, and next to it, that of your devil
4) Your menu tab which allows you to access skills, devils, system menus, etc.
5) The Chat box

Note that all the UI can be minimized into small boxes by clicking the square with a dot in it in the corner of each UI box. Its great for clearing the screen for screenshots, and you can remove names and HP bars by clicking ] once for just removing names and twice for removing the hp bars too.

Dungeons appear as a D in a box on your minimap. At the end of these dungeons are huge and powerful bosses which can sometimes require a party to kill, but the reward is a lucky dip box which can contain some really nice goodies!
Dungeons are INSTANCE BASED (yay!) which means that its your own private dungeon for you and your party with no other people around to kill-steal from you :) This also means that if you log out in the dungeon, when you log back in you'll find yourself teleported to the start again. You need a special item to enter, and the stone at the front will teleport you into the dungeon.
Incidentally, dungeon mobs are great for exp! Exp candles come in SO handy here!
Before I said to not pick up the white crosses but these are actually keys to open the treasure rooms. After defeating the mobs in the room you can enter the treasure room with the white cross keys and take the stuff from the boxes in there. You cannot re-enter a dungeon if you've still got the white crosses on you. This is to make sure players don't abuse the treasure rooms by coming in with a load of crosses to open every room each time they enter the dungeon. However, you CAN exchange them for Devil Revival rings at the NPC just outside the dungeon entrance. (Thanks for the update Jillia)

Acts are basically storyline quests that you can complete for some nice rewards, and your actions and choices will affect whether you become lawful, chaotic or neutral. The acts are self explanatory, and when you are given them everything you'll need to know to complete them is shown in maps etc.
To give you an idea, the first act given by Snakeman requires you to capture a Pixie Leader. He marks out on your map where to go to find them, and in return you get 1000makka, an injured Cerberus and some exp candles if I remember correctly.
Just something to note here: The Pixie Leaders AND the Injured Cerberus gain MUCH less experience than normal devils. Also, the Injured Cerberus doesn't stay with you, as the quest storyline sees him choose a different path after Act 3. So even though he's pretty strong and doesn't cost much to summon, its not really worth using him unless you don't mind training up another devil after he leaves. Also, you can't use him in any fusions as he's a quest devil.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask and I'll answer what I can!
I hope this basic newbie guide will help you all when CB is released.

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oh wow
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*Updated 11/24/08


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