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Rhinehart 09-27-2012 05:13 PM

Fun Times with Invisible Items
While I know discussion of private servers is prohibited on this forum, the PS in question has died out ages ago and I'm not going to bother naming it. This thread isn't about the server, but about something I had too much fun doing while I worked as a GM there.

When not banning hackers and hosting events, a GM with too much time on his/her hands is prone to get bored on a small private server and as such, I found a great way to amuse myself. When looking through the item database, I noticed there was an ETC drop called "Invisible Item". I got curious and tried making one, which is something you should never do if you're ever a GM because it's rather hard to get rid of once you have it in your inventory. The game doesn't really acknowledge that it's there. Not just because you can't see it, but because the invisible item in the seemingly empty slot will not leave your inventory when you try to drop it. However, I did discover that you can use the drop command to spawn the item and it cannot be looted. This discovery led to fun times in which I messed with players' heads.

I'd go to the free market entrance in hide mode where there were a lot of people hanging out and start dropping invisible items. Invisible GM+invisible items=mass hysteria. Because the sound of an item being dropped is the same for every item in the game, everybody in the free market scattered trying to figure out who was dropping what and where. Naturally, nobody could figure out what was going on until I decided to come out of hiding and people put two and two together. MapleStory private server GM shenanigans.

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