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james 07-16-2012 07:52 PM

Azwan Coming ~7/25
That's when the last box is revealed on the teaser site. The pirate revamp is also likely to come with Azwan as well (or just receive it's own update/shared with DB revamp?).

Either way Azwan brings the Inner Ability system which, in a way, is like a poor man's potential. There's three lines worth of it and each line is locked at a different level of Honor. Honor is obtained from Azwan'ing inbetween 2-8 PM PST (as I recall). Inner Ability unlocks at 5, 25, and 70 as I recall.

If you want the best EXP from Azwan, you go do Attack or Occupy on Hard. If you want easy Honor EXP, you do Defend. Attack/Occupy has the most steady amount of mobs and Defend has an easy win condition.

It also should be noted that Azwan gets changed to a different system which completely sucks balls somewhat shortly after it's release (with the DB revamp). In the altered Azwan, you can only obtain Honor EXP 5 times a day at a fixed 100 EXP. <~ this is really low once you consider that past level 25 Honor (where I think the second line opens) you need a lot of Honor.

Most of it is fairly easy and adjusts to whether you're solo'ing or not.

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