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Gaap 11-10-2010 05:38 PM

Magika's [Info Desk] Center!

Once upon a time, there was once a Mirage Coordinator that bought people hope in magic and wonder. Now a new bringer of light was born, and she was a "magical girl"! The girl will swing her staff and send the star to the sky and Earth and rebirth a new world...

Table of Contents:

Post 1: Forum and In-Game Rules!
Post 2: The Magika Leader + Sub-Mods
Post 3: ggFTW Member List
Post 4: Guld websites and Sources outside of ggFTW
Post 5: Sibling Guilds
Post 6: "So... Where do I start chattin' @ Magika Forums?"

Notice: Any future update notices will be sent via Guild Page PM!

Gaap 11-10-2010 05:47 PM

1. Forum (and In-Game) Rules

Welcome aboard the magic train! Here are a few rules before you want to consider to join! (Rules will updated with notice...)

  1. Follow the ggFTW rules and you're good!
  2. Unlike the general forums, you are free to "bump" or make a new random thread!
  3. Please don't make dulplicate threads! If you just want to make a meaningless post, then do it at the "Randomness" thread!
  4. English language is preferred.
  5. You do not have to join the guild itself! BUT... If you are from the Magika guild @ PangYa, I highly appreciate if you join the guild page to be listed!

  • Do you not have to join ggFTW! BUT it's highly suggested in order to keep in touch!
  • System rules apply! (I think you have to be Beginner E to join... Right?)
  • If you are looking for a GvG guild, this is not the right place for you!
  • Mods or leader are not on all the time! So don't expect activity! (Again why the forums exist!)
  • English language like always!
  • Do not ask or beg for Pang or items! We are not giving you free stuff! (Unless it's for a valoid reason and in NEED of currency/items and not from your want list!)
  • We are not a serious guild. We just want to have fun and goofing off at our holes without blooping our scores!

More will be added. Remember that the goal for this is to reunite and build new friendships (with magic)!

Gaap 11-10-2010 06:01 PM

2. The Guild Sub-Mods

Magika's Mastermind (AKA the Guild Master)

Magika Guild Forum/Page Mods

Magika PangYa Guild Mods
More to come in the future! If you are interested in leading a Magikaguild at another game, please feel free to contact and I will add you! The only condition is that you must be a ggFTW member to access the guild forms!

Gaap 11-10-2010 06:03 PM

3. ggFTW Guild Member List

Here is the big list of ggFTW guild members!

*Forum name = Position (and/or valid IGN)*


Gaap 12-13-2010 07:01 PM

4. Guld websites and Sources outside of ggFTW

Okay. This is a list of the sites that this guild is connected with, as well listing the old websites such as the M.C. Wiki/Website! More to come!

Gaap 09-13-2011 11:56 PM

5. Sibling Guilds

A "sibling guild" (or affiliates (OR ALLIES) ) is a guild that works together like an ultimate team work and connects it's members with ours! We are currently open for such "guild friendships"! Joining these sibling guilds counts toward your membership list... Spiritually.

Here are the list so far:
  • Astro Blitz - Run by Sakurah (Iishii/Jacquelynne/Yukata)

Gaap 10-18-2011 05:08 PM

6. So... Where do I start chattin' @ M.C. Forums?

Okay... If you are new, and you do not feel like making a new thread (maybe you're shy?), here are a few places where you can participate the "popular" threads! :py35:

:py03: = VERY IMPORTANT THREADS! (These will remain "Stickies")

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