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Gaap 10-14-2010 10:03 PM

Omfg! FFR is back!!!
What is FFR? It's a "StepMania" flash game... Basically that's it. But there is a multi-player function, StepManaia simfile database (and you can play the file online!), and a few other games...

Now what happen to FFR? For a year, FFR had encountered issues (technical and I think drama issues) and went offline for the longest I can know of. I almost lost contact with my friends on FFR too. :S

So.. Now it's back up AT LAST and now they are working to get the features back up slowly... Mainly the simfile database. I'm not sure if i'm in the mood to go and change my profile layout ASAP... Since you can tell that my artwork is outdated, ROFL! (And remember that I love to fashion up profiles!)

Finally ummm.. If any one of you guys have a FFR account, feel free to friendlist me! :)

LauraMix 10-14-2010 10:26 PM

Holy....Finally XD...I've been waiting to get some new songs Q_Q;;;

Chocille 10-14-2010 10:31 PM

I'm offended already, FFR is not a Stepmania flash game.
It runs on its own system, on 30 FPS I believe and Step has a higher FPS.
I've been a member since forever, so as a FFR veteran, the closest thing to Step is ITG/DDR.
The judging system is not the same as Stepmania because of the FPS. That's why on some songs, the jacks are messed up, like Crowdpleaser.

Sorry to offend anyone.

Btw, there was a mirror that people used to play FFR when it was down:

Gaap 10-14-2010 10:56 PM

Sorry about that. (It's hard to describe FFR...) Though I first joined FFR because of the Simfile Database and of course uploading my works to that site. (As well the same for BemaniStyle/Zenius-I-Vanisher.)

I knew about the mirror, but didn't stay long, even though they did a good job at keeping the fans occupied.

Urgh. Took my time to re-model my profile to something a bit generic. (As I am decent at making sigs, but not huge-@$$ banners!)

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