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Gaap 03-25-2013 11:16 PM

[Story] The Origins of Makina-Magika

Introduction (Chapter 0): Don Giuvani's Project

Once upon a Megalo Company, a young "dashing" man with a butterfly mask under the name "Don Giuvani" was the Vice President of the company and manages most of the game's contribution: Trickster 'Online'. While he had left most of the job to the Lead Developer, he uses his spare time and money to create a game that was different from Trickster: "PangYa". Like how Cabala Island has it's secrets within Alteo Empire, PangYa Island has it's own treasure with a breathtaking story off the legendary hero that sealed the "Demon King" away... Giuvani had left a special "prize" inside the island somewhere, but due to the nature of the sport for a primary feature in this 'game', the goal reach for the price was near-impossible, and what was left is the fun that distracts every player.

With members like Kooh or Cecilia busy with their own goals, a small independent orginization had set it's opperations being planned outside of the island... At the underwater base!

This secret orginization was known as the "Siesta Corps", a elite troop of surviving late-generation Tricksters whose goal is to seek out the answers for the rumored treasure... And find the secret of the Tricksters that Giuvani was hiding away from the residents of Alteo Empire (and it's enemies), Cavalair, and the devoted Tricksters...

June Maestro (Cecilia avatar), the leader of the Corp had asigned her family and partners to this mission to play the game "PangYa": Makina Maestro (Kooh avatar), Yuuki Tran (Arin avatar), Neostai Gabber (Kaz avatar), Jei-Ko Maestro (Nell avatar), and even the "Headmaster" (Azer avatar).

But... June had one concern she had in mind when they are shipped to PangYa Island... There may be a hidden past inside Makina's little body that would proove a threat if she goes near the treasure...

Gaap 03-25-2013 11:28 PM

Chapter 1: Magic Calling
When the Siesta Corps had land ship onto PangYa Island had adjust their new (temperary) lives as casual players, other players such as Aster Memoir (Nuri avatar), Harpika Hardkore (Hana avatar), Speka Kokoro (Lucia avatar), and Francis Coren (Max avatar) had herd of the rumors that a "Spika" had left the "gaming barrier" from Blue Moon in search for the treasure herself.

Makina Maestro, the second youngest recruit of the Siesta Corps and the last half-fledged Trickster coulse sense the "calling" with her ears. June knew to expect that the burried treasure wants to summon the blonde girl to hatch open the treasure... June was a "late generation" Trickster, a type of person that had the least magical potential to become a full-Trickster with the Enlightenment Guardian... And even Makina did not have her own yet!

Spika was at her league, and was not aware that the burried caves are very unwelcoming to the non-Trickster foreigner...

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