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Gaap 06-05-2012 09:34 PM

A Guild Leader's Thoughts...
Okay. As you can tell, I don't go TO as often now.. Or "ATM" due to lack of interest, and lacking of any new story-related content that would get me pumped. And a new episode might have been planned for late of this year or maybe the next year... And the economy at Jewelia is just plain sad that I frown at the pixel venders. So I want a break, and somehow got back to RPing and enjoy writing crap stuff after getting enough digest on YA adventure/fantasy/suspense/historical fiction novels.

Hence.. Why I am not on alot.. And if i'm on, it's because I feel like it or because of the event. Sorry Towers, but after the story-quest, the rest is like a grind-fest, and I oddly lost the fun of it.

I am starting to loose my hope as a leader, and hosting M.C. And yet it's almost at the 2nd aniversary and I did not do a good thing about it to resurrect that place. X_X; That is why I really want to recruit a new leader and sub-mods who would love to keep the guild (and it's name) going! But everyone refuse and told me that the guild can't live without me... But now.. I guess I want to weep.

Now.. Most of my free times on the interbutts are role-playing and social to them via three anime personas. I still do got on TO, but only for a little bit of time.. Like once a week or two. And the forums was sort-of dying except for our (great) Randomness thread. Finally.. With that guild inactivity, I think the forums itself takes ggFTW's free space away for our non-TO/guild related doings.

I want to quit and close the guild for good. Maybe open a smaller guild to keep the lesser ggFTWers going under a new and fresh name. The website will still be online as a guild-reference... And then I'm not to sure about the forums itself...If we want to start fresh by re-uniting the 15 ggFTWers into a fresh guild page and open a space for ourselves... I don't know.

There are a few things that prevent me from closing.
  • You (surviving) members are precious and love M.C. so much as a piece of memory and/or history on Trickster, and it makes me happy and heart-warming. That's why I did not close it yet, cause I need EVERYONE's imput.
  • Hekutta, our pro-literate writer on our group is planning to leave TO/ggFTW for real-life reasons, mainly his sutdies in college. He will be pulling a contest soon, and we need this entire forum to gather up the little Tricksters and join the fun!
  • In all seriousness: I love "Mirage Coordinator" as a name. It was the first name in the "Umineko no Naku Koro Ni" ost that I LOVE to bits. I also have a secret excuse to have a guild named after a Umineko-related title, as a nudge-of-a-thank-you to Team R07 for making such a great (and twisted) sound novel. (Even though I never got the chance to read the entire damn thing 'cause I don't have a hard copy!) That's why I do not want to axe M.C. and would ratter have a guild leader who would want to take my crown away from my head.
  • And of course... There will be a way.. Or find a way to celebrate the 2nd aniversary of having that guild opened after that personal guild drama (You know this Jess...) back around 2008...

So... I need your word on this. It's almost summer and I want answers on M.C.'s fate! Sorry if it's loose... But at least something without making my brain go haywire! Any volunteers to take role of the next in-game mods and "Witch" (AKA the guild leader's title). The only request (if you want the job) is to keep all guild-related info and the member rank titles in-tact. ((Optional if you are a Seacats fangirl/fanboy!))

- Timer Rabbit (LadyGaap)

P.S. Finally and I will do this.. I am sharing my Facebook (AKA "failbook") if you want to contact me outside of ggFTW. Just tell me your IGN and server so I can tell that you are from there.. Oh and tell me MY IGN (Jewelia or Fantasia mains) for security check. Keep in mind that I make RP-like posts here, but I go "OOC" as well.

Recette 06-06-2012 01:46 AM

Well, independently of what you do, I wish you the best in your endeavors. Things can definitively get stale at TO so a break once in a while is more than understandable.

Torikakae 06-06-2012 04:42 AM

Like you said, M.C. isn't M.C. without you leading it. I could not imagine M.C. being ran by someone else but you. However, if you truly want to disband the guild, then go for it. There's no point in keeping an inactive guild if you truly see it that way.

The group in itself isn't important. It's the bonds and connections that we have that can never be broken. It doesn't have to be a guild, as long as we keep connections and perhaps, have our own little place in the internet to chat, post, and have fun. That's all I'm asking.

NiBo 06-06-2012 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by Torikakae (Post 1731672)
The group in itself isn't important. It's the bonds and connections that we have that can never be broken. It doesn't have to be a guild, as long as we keep connections and perhaps, have our own little place in the internet to chat, post, and have fun. That's all I'm asking.

If we stay here then ok, if we move to a chat/forum then I'll be there, too~ it's a nice way for me to pass time.

Gaap 06-06-2012 04:07 PM

Well, maybe we can keep the guild forums, as long we make good use of it soon besides S.P.A.M.

But yea. Looking at the inactive guild in-game aches me 'cause I do not go on a lot 'cause of the recess I needed so bad. ;w; That's why I want to close it...

BUT.. I still need to hear any voices on this. Mainly about the guild in-game.

Jessica 06-07-2012 11:58 AM

I'd say just keep it. There's no point in closing it. If you're not active, it's okay. I'm hardly on, and when I am, I'm hardly on my priest. It has good memories, they won't die entirely by closing it, but they may fade a bit.

I'd also say if you want to close it off, just clean it a bit. Kick inactives and people who would like to be kicked. Maybe when we get that big guild update, try to recruit and get new members. I'd be happy to help find new members, and would be really happy to see the guild active again.

Forums, of course keep them. I'm hardly on in game, I have my PMs off sometimes, and I'm never on MSN anymore, so this is really my only communcation to you guys.

Gaap 06-08-2012 02:39 PM

We are down to 34 members and under if more are leaving. Those that stayed are good ol' member friends who moved on to Tumblr and such.

The major cleaning would be the one at the guild page... So many mix-of-members at this point (and good friends of course).

M.C. can still be live on, but I am quite "annoyed" to see my own guild collecting dust. That's why I made this to give some imput on this. >>;

Verse 06-08-2012 04:15 PM

Hey, I am still coming back someday. It's just this GMs still wont reply. Already been a month, and I don't wanna resend again 'cuz they just told me that if I kept on resending, the longer the delay will be. Ahh, darn them.

SinchiCodo 06-16-2012 09:15 PM

I am sure many of you guys are against start over...

but why not try making another mirage in fantasia?

I am active more there with my lion, and he is still guildless...Maybe i dislike to join a random guild. that's why.

its natural of you guys going to get bored of your chars in jewelia. but feeling all weak again, working hard to earn money, it all give you a taste of how fun the old times in TO was, and surely you won't feel it if you started over at jewelia (thanks to the price inflation)

I honestly never thought it would so fun playing and starting over in fantasia, because I can feel how hardships the newbies feel with the game. unlike before. in jewelia you already have strong chars that could help you farm for your new ones, but in fantasia? you KNOW that you have to count on others for help and that's where the fun of MMO comes in^^

I also try to count on whatever the game offers of equipments, I never tried to use MS unless gift or event stuff. maybe one of you guys will love such a challenge? i mean come on we got alterverse eqs now. and even if your still so deseprete of MS you can buy a lot in Fantasia with ingame money..

sorry for talking to much =x but maybe i started to hate jewelia maybe cause there are many people who hurt me in there and I like to start over away from them.

hope the guild will revive in there somehow

Best Regards,

Sakurah 06-16-2012 09:25 PM

Well, technically (unless Mini says otherwise) Fantasia's Astro Blitz is considered Mirage's cross-server sister guild (just that we do our own thing while you guys do your own thing).

I know Mini's currently in Astro and Settie's been in it before. :o Anyone's welcome to join Astro, really. Just tell one of us that you're from Mirage or something or PM me via ggFTW. This is 'cause fakers and other general people that joined us are... well, they don't have the intention to join us to hang out, that's for sure. This is like the only way for us to keep the guild running without making it invite-only. :x

Gaap 06-16-2012 10:58 PM

As a leader's avice who is moving to Fantasia... JOIN ASTRO BLITZ! I'm in it, and it's like M.C.'s galactic sister! But even if I do play with my Sheep, I feel all "meh" because of the reaction towards the game in general... And the lag.

Another faulty is that I am a vision-writer, and thanks to the fantasy-fiction I have read, I got into RPs 'cause of my RL friend's Umineko antics that got me worried. (AKA he only watched the anime and not read the novels to fully appreciate the series.) So... That's why I'm not on. LadyGaap has no Alts. yet, nor I wont' get them anytime because the towers are all "meh" to my demotivation. (Plus I am fine with my MyCrap until I can find someone who can gift me Lvl. 32X+ HP stones and a ton of Elixirs for my Shadow Shield!)

So... Yea. I'm pretty much on the break unless I felt like getting on. Otherwise: Facebook, Tumblr, or Those are the choices if you want to ask me stuff.

P.S. If you want me back, find me a group of Novice Blood-hunters that need a veteran's aid like me. Then this could be fun!

Ellerd 07-11-2012 08:15 AM

Just keep it will do nothing if you close it :] (even if i am not a member :$)

Gaap 07-11-2012 06:29 PM

Actually.. Due to my come-back for a while, I am waiting for the GvG update. The only downfall is that most of the members do not like to GvG, and I can not force them. Though since I just basically do nothing at M.C., I am thinking of getting a dummy replacement (my Fox) to hold the leader title while LadyGaap MIGHT go back to Dawn to be with Beato and Hiku/Lia... And hopefully that the three can come back for Harkoning and GvG. But I can't predict that yet.

And if I do go inactive again, it would most likely due to the group RP when my personas are needed. ^^;

Gaap 08-09-2012 02:31 PM

I think I should give a lovely credit to Kiraii for recruiting some new members~ :) Unfortunately, I have a good feeling that these members will not last long. ^^;

We missed out on our 2nd aniversary party, or any events for the summer. And I think the "Umineko fad" kind of died... Because not everyone is into bloody mysteries. ^^; (So the "Black Battler" scavenger hunt event may have to be canceled. ;; ) And waahh my Lambda! (I forgot that Sherry had to freeze her Hunter Lord for her other Fox named after Eva...)

So I am thinking of new events based on neutral fandoms or any of the themes you like.. I am close thinking to a "VS event" similar to what the Poppuri Event is doing for this summer.. Something that will get the new emblem up! So, what do you think?

Gaap 08-21-2012 03:48 PM

A little reminder: I don't mind if members are switching guilds by leaving M.C. for a dog-gone while.

I don't know how to bring it back up, because motivation or the time to do events is hard... I guess this is why being youthful was the best time to be together in the game.

If anyone wants a entire re-set on M.C. I may have to close the guild down so I can start fresh. A simple re-name would not change a thing because the M.C. system is still there.

I know M.C. will not be the same without me... But you know I am not up to host it for another year since of school and other things that took me away from Trickster. Plus.... Come on kTO release Episode 7 soon! I know this game is still open-ended in terms of the story!

So... Anything that will bring LadyGaap or the guild back up? The website and forums can stay exclusive to ggFTW-guilders.

Torikakae 08-22-2012 05:29 AM

Don't stress out too much Kat~ Once TO releases the next episode, we'd be so much alive again~ Until then, we all have real life obligations that must always come first before a game.

Like I said before, our bonds of friendship isn't tied to an in-game guild. Even if it's on hibernation, our connections are not.

Gaap 08-23-2012 02:01 AM

Thank you Taro~

(Bleh. I'm more of a GvG person than a PvP person too. Still waiting for this new update!) I'm on Fantasia a bit more now...

The party... Is wild.

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