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Mathemagician 03-21-2011 02:45 PM

A baa for help with sheep skills
Read the next three paragraphs as if you were a little girl freaking out about Trickster (like I am in real life, except for the girl part because I'm a beefy manly man >>).

I've never made a sheep before and I have a dragon that I want to make hybrid. But first I have to try out all the elements as a sheep because then if I don't I might pick horrible skills on accident! But if I do then I might make the sheep a main and I'll be stuck in a girl body forever! But that sounds so shallow and girls get free stuff!

So long story short I debated against myself on whether or not to make a sheep and then ten seconds later BOOM I have a bard. But did I do it wrong? D:

I got AR because it's the most powerful single target magical spell *despite it being only a first job skill which they will probably nerf in the nearby future* but I DID get it and I'm panicking because when I went to buy skill cards I saw the prerequisites and I freaked out because you see I picked wind because it seemed like a good choice albeit I was a light dragon with no RS yet and wind gets instant access to Wind Blade which is super cool BUT LISTEN I read all the other skills and they have a ton o' requirements like mana storm and ring and now I'm freaking out, man! I wasted all my TM points! I should've followed Shiki's guide! NOOOO

That's how it all went down. So did I do it wrong? Should I have stuck with a ring/storm build? Or is it better because I would've gotten Rush anyway or should've gotten rush anyway?

And also, I am also at a loss for what second element I should pick, if any. I mean, Earth seems like a viable choice because of Terra's huge range and I probably only made this character for hunting more Poppuri Boxes anyway. But Water seems pretty good too since, from my knowledge:

Drip Bomb (active)+Water Web(passive)=screws up target's DX,
Shard of Glacier and Icy Shackles = freezing! Woohoo!

But completely pure wind seems cool because of the apparent huge TM requirement for the element itself.

And I'm still rethinking killing this sheep because I gave her the 3 in sense and wind looks like an extremely accurate skill.

I must sound as annoying as :potty: right now so I'll just stop and send this.

Esper 03-21-2011 03:03 PM

Although there are a lot of pre-requisites to learn certain elemental skills, you probably did not mess up. People just learn the pre-requisites but do not master them, especially Mana Ring and Mana Storm (weak skills).
Edit: You should list what skills you have learned and their level so far.

Mana Arrow + Arrow Rush (both mastered) is a really strong skill for 1-on-1. You'll most likely go Bossing in the future and that 1-on-1 will help a lot when it's just the Boss (without spawn).

To my knowledge, Water Web doesn't help that much in a PvM situation. If you kill monsters in 1 hit, there's no point of having it.
Water Web does prove to be helpful against Bosses since they love to smack you. Slowing their attack means less hit if you have low HP/HV.

Whether you choose between Earth or Water is up to you. AoE vs 1-on-1?

The 1432 build is fine. I actually like a character with more WT. If you can comp one or two gears with HP, you should be able to survive fine (except in PVP/GVG).

Mathemagician 03-21-2011 04:27 PM

Thanks for speedy reply.

I know I have

Bottle of Mana 1
Cure 10
Mana Arrow 10
Mist of Mana M
Arrow Rush 5 or 4

and I think that's it. I didn't get to far in leveling before I panicked. I'll just learn the skills when I find spare points, then.

I plan to PvP when I'm more experienced, but for now just Bossing would do fine. I'll refine and compound and do all that rainbow drug stuff for my equips and if worse turns to worst, I'll just get MyShop :x

Thanks for the help. Off to train my sheepy now and abuse new Clerk Z. Smith Quests BWAHAHAHA

Esper 03-21-2011 04:42 PM

It'll take a while to learn the skills you want. The best way to go about this would be to learn the skills that don't usually have a pre-requisite (except the Element Seal) and have potential use for PvM.

When you have enough spare TM points, you'll be able to learn the other skills that you wanted to get.

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