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12-22-2010   #1 (permalink)
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HirokoAzuri will become famous soon enoughHirokoAzuri will become famous soon enough
IGN: SpiralHarmony or Al
Class: Witch (SpiralHarmony)/Teacher (Alphard) to_soulmaster
Level: 148 on Spiral and 48 on Alphard
Guild: Crimson-Shell
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Default Spiral's guide to a Fire/Electric/Light Witch

Since my last guide was an epic fail, here's a better one (hopefully) that actually got me far. I'm still working on this character from time to time, so I'll update as I go. By the way, I know this isn't all pretty and stuff, but I'm a seriously horrible (okay not that bad. just exagerrating) at photoshop, so I need to work on that.

Table of contents:
> Introduction (look up)
> Stat graphs
> 1st job: Librarian- Training spots and skills
> Pros and Cons on Fire and Electric
> 2nd job: Bard- More training spots and skills
> Don Giovanni tactics
> 3rd job quests and trials
> 3rd job: Witch- Look at the bright side :P
> Mature compounding- Luck, luck, and more luck.
> Saving this space for something<

Stat graph:
Honestly, I'd go with pure MA until later because it will really help in the long run. You can add in luck later if you want.


1441- Good build. You'll be good at magic and you'll have criticals which is something you'll want. Down side: Your HP isn't all that great, so you'll need to either do some compounding on your shield or you'll have to have a good amount of potions since you may be curing yourself alot at the beginning.

1432- I reccommend this build. You don't need the Power stats (I don't think) unless you want to have a wind element and use AC but since this is fire and electric then it's not extremely important. You'll still get criticals and you'll have a decent amount of HP. (10/10)

1423- My build (the one I used I mean). You won't get as many crits as 1441 or 1432, but you'll have HP that's for sure. 1432 is still better, but if you're HP concious then this is fine. I got through with this, but I did need to compound for lacking luck. (9/10)

2422- Balance of everything? I wouldn't do it. It doesn't help all too much plus you don't need much in power (you can compound or if you have access to myshop, buy a pet if you need AC that badly, but again, this isn't a guide for wind sheeps, so I wouldn't suggest this guide. ><) (1/10)

Pure MA- Works and always will in my opinion and based on other guides I've seen, others too.
MA and LK- It'd be easier to focus on MA first then add LK when you're a higher level.
Pure LK- Never seen it except in foxes or possibly Lions. If you try it, tell me how it works out.

I'll edit this section if needed. (most likely will)

1st job: Librarian
Skills I reccommend (Not in order)-
Aura of Mana- I made the mistake of not getting this until late so I suffered when buying so many mana pots.
Bottle of Mana- Prerequisite for Mist of Mana (which helps a lot)
Mist of Mana- boosts your MA for a certain amount of time
Mana Arrow- Is your friend. There are monsters resistant to electric and fire, so this will help.
Arrow rush- Increases the number of arrows (isn't that nice ^^)
Invincible casting- Get immediately as soon as you hit tm 10. It'll save you the time and effort of actually finishing a spell while being attacked (it's like drilling)
Cure- You'll want this. If you don't want to buy HP potions then you can use this skill instead, but it only cures a certain amount of HP so leveling this up would be nice.
Mana ring- Another alternative for monsters resistant to fire or electric (or both). Can increase the power of the rings with mana ring booster and it also affects other nearby monsters.

Here's a skill list slightly shortened (not in order. sorry ><):
Mana Arrow tm 1- up to lvl. 10 will work or you can master it.
Invinicible Casting tm 10- It's passive so no need to lvl it
Mana Ring (optional) tm 20- (I'll need someone to fill me in here. I didn't use mana ring. I relied solely on Mana Arrow)
Cure tm 10- Master if you have the points, but at least have it up to lvl. 10. You'll need it for Bottle of Mana and Aura of Mana.
Bottle of Mana tm 20- Just have it for Mist of Mana. This just increases MP which will increase anyway as you level up.
Mist of Mana tm 40- An MP eater as you level it up, but it's good to have. It's kinda hard to master this, so do the card quest for card girl first then decide whether to master this or not.
Arrow Rush tm 50- Increases up to seven arrows at mastery. Prerequisite is lvl. 10 Mana Arrow.
Mana Ring Booster tm 50- increases mana ring power. Prerequisite is lvl. 10 Mana Ring.

Training spots:
Coral Beach plus the dark cave until lvl. 15 (revamped so I'm not exactly sure how this works.)
Desert Beach until about lvl. 25
Megalopolis (plus NW and NE forest, Path to Caballa Relics, Path to Oops, and Poppuri Dungeon) until lvl. 45
Start Caballa Relics quests plus start the story quest in Azteca (will finish in Oops Wharf). Finish around lvl. 60

Pros and Cons about Fire/Electric:
Flashy combo
Awesome AOEs XD

There are monsters resistant to these elements
Killing more monsters mean more monsters after you (so kill them fast)

Will add to this

2nd job: Bard

Training spots:
Oops Wharf until lvl. 70+ (hopefully 75)
Mermaid Palace until 80+
When you hit 80, you can start the next story quest involving the fight for Don Giovanni's tears.

Will finish this after I get some sleep and something to eat.
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12-24-2010   #2 (permalink)
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Good guide so far. Maybe if you bolded title stuff/section titles it'll be easier to read. :9


electric, fire, guide, light, witch

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