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Default Sacchari's Wind/Earth Bard

Sacchari's Wind/Earth Bard
NOTE: You need a basic understanding of Trickster to use this guide.

Why Choose Wind/Earth?

-Wind/Earth is THE AoE (Area of Effect) sheep. All of their attack skills are AoE, so if you enjoy watching large groups of enemies drop dead simultaniously, this is the build for you
-Wind is fast. A good Ring/Blade combo will kill mobs before other mages finish casting a single spell.
-Tons of monsters are weak to Earth. No joke.
-Cleaving Terra is HUGE.
-Wind Blade only takes 100 mp at mastery.
-Better survivability due to high charm

Stat Builds

You will need a lot of HP and DEF to use wind effectively without dying, so make sure you have at least a three in charm.

PROS: More accuracy (from LUK) and more WT for lugging around potions
CONS: Not as much HP or DEF. Dies easier then 1414.

PROS: You will be a tank, you will laugh at enemies feeble attempts to OHKO you. Also, you can invest more equips towards raising MA and MP.
CONS: You wont be able to hit things for a long time. Your low WT will limit how much junk (ie: pots and drops) you can carry around.

My advice? Go with 1423, you can get plenty of HP and DEF equips.
Also, remember that you are an offensive build, only put points into MA, nothing else

The following skills are relevant to you as a Earth/Wind

Mana Arrow: Level: 1 Your first skill. Keep it at level one, and use it till you can afford to use Mana Ring. It attacks one enemy with magic.
TMpts to get: 1
Casttime: 1.5 seconds

Invincible Casting: Level: 10 An absolutely vital passive skill that you should get as soon as you can. It allows you to continue to cast spells while taking damage.
TMpts to get: 5

Cure: Level: 10 It restores HP. Though it's somewhat useless at low levels, it becomes very useful around level 50. You also need this at level 10 to get Mist of Mana.
TMpts to get: 1
TMpts to master: 2
Casttime: Instant

Bottle of Mana: Level: 20 Boosts your MP by a fixed amount. You need this at level 1 to get Mist of Mana. Never level this skill.
TMpts to get: 2

Mana Ring: Level: 20 Attacks by sending out three magical rings. Does splash damage*. This skill will be one of your main attacks later on. When you first get it the MP cost will be too high, and the accuracy too low for you to level effectively with it, so stick with Arrow till this is no longer a problem. Level to master.
*Does the most damage to the monster it's aimed at, and less damage to surrounding mobs. Think water balloon.
TMpts to get: 2
TMpts to master: 2
Casttime: 0.3 seconds

Mana Storm: Level: 35 Does AoE damage. You don't really need this till later, so hold off on leveling it till after you get Wind Blade and Cleaving Terra. You eventually need it to be level 10.
TMpts to get: 2
TMpts to Master: 2
Casttime: 1 second

Mist of Mana: Level: 40 Increases your MA by a percentage. This is a VITAL SKILL. You need this to level at a decent pace, mobs will be incredibly hard to kill without it. Level it to master.
TMpts to get: 4
TMpts to master: 3

Seal of Earth: Level: 55 Lets you learn Earth skills.

Seal of Wind: Level: 55 Lets you learn Wind skills.

Wind Blade: Level: 55 Personal based AoE with a .5 second casttime. Wind swirls around you and hits mobs on each side. You have to be right next to the mob to hit it. This can fail to cast as late as level 10. Master this as soon as possible.
TMpts to get: 2
TMpts to master: 2
Casttime: 0.5 seconds

Cleaving Terra: Level: 55 A very large ground base AoE. It has a slow casttime that gets faster every time you level the skill. Level to master.
TMpts to get: 2
TMpts to master: 2
Casttime: 2.5 seconds (level 1)
1.6 seconds (level 10)
1.5 seconds (Mastered)

Bolster Ballad: Level: 40 Reduces the amount of MP spent by a percentage. Not very useful for this particular build, but it looks pretty cool, and it's the trademark of Bards. Level as you please.

Whirlwind: Level: 105 You need level 10 Storm for this skill. It creates a set of tornadoes around you that attack the surrounding monsters every few seconds as long as you don't move.

Summon Boulder: Level: 115 Needs level 10 Ring to get. Summons a big old boulder that does Ring-like splash damage.

Wind Shield: Level: 100 Increases Wind resist. Virtually useless.

Earth Shield: Level: 100 Increases Earth Resist. Virtually useless.

Razor Gale: Level: 135 Needs level 10 Wind Blade and Mana Ring. A wind attack that sends out wind blades like boomerangs to hit a distant foe. Wind's first distance attack.

Botulism Cloud: Level: 120 Needs level 10 Mana Web. Petrifies the enemy, but cuts the damage they receive. Currently glitched, apparently.

Raging Storm: Level: 130 A Soul Master skill. Witches cannot get this. Requires level 10 Wind Blade and Mana Storm. Basically an upgrade to Wind Blade.

Earthquake: Level: 120 A Soul Master skill. Witches cannot get this. Requires level 10 Cleaving Terra and Mana Ring. An upgrade of Terra.

The Great Debate: Terra or Blade first?

Although there are many advantages to getting Terra early, there are many more to getting Blade early.
Why Blade? Well, it is a very fast skill with a short casttime and cooldown, which will take you through your difficult levels (right after job change) as painlessly as possible. Taking Terra first depends on fighting Nora Bigs, who do pretty big damage to level 50s. By the time you can fight Nora Bigs comfortably, you should have already mastered Blade, learned Terra, and leveled it up to a decent level (level 6+).
EDIT: As you are all aware, Nora Bigs have not been in the game for some time, so now there is less of a reason to get Terra first.

This brings us to....

Fighting Strategies

In my opinion, the best strategy for this build is a Ring/Blade blitzkrieg combo.
Snipe mobs with Ring, then run straight at them. Right before they are close enough to hit you, cast Wind Blade. It may take a little while to get the timing down on this. Run away quickly if that didn't kill them and hit them again with Ring. Whenever you see a very large amount of monsters together, hit them with Terra.
For ideal leveling, you should fight mobs that you can kill in two hits, and fight in a small area with the monsters crowded together (Phantom School is best).

Level Build
(all levels are TM)

(before job change)
Level 1: Mana Arrow to 1
Level 10: Get Invincible Casting, Cure to 4
Level 20: Get Bottle of Mana, Cure to 10
Level 28: Mana Ring to 9
Level 31: Mana Ring to Master
Level 40: Mist of Mana to 6
(job change)
Level 44: Mist of Mana to 10
Level 55: Wind Blade to 10
Level 57: Wind Blade to Master
Level 60: Mist of Mana to Master
Level 71: Cleaving Terra to 10
Level 73: Cleaving Terra to Master
Level 75: Cure to Master
Level 86: Mana Storm to 10
Level 87+: Pick and choose skills you want to level, however the third job skills are reccomended.

Notes: MR to master is optional, and after you master Blade you can move around the order you master skills to your own liking
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