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05-18-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Post Hino's Guide To Builds . (Magic Types)

Hino's Guide To Builds - Magic Types

This guide belongs to Hino, and will always be. & This is my first time creating a guide, so if its inaccurate/there are other ways to improve it, please tell me. Criticisms are welcomed. If you want to post it in other forums, and other places, please inform me using a thread below or post a note in my page. & also, DO NOT post it in other places until I agree. If there is/are other guide(s) similar to this one, it is just by coincident.


This guide is created due to the fact that most/some people have a hard time on picking out builds for their magic type characters. The notes from this guide are purely from my BRAINS. The information, is of course, from Trickster Online itself. I don't think there will be a need to edit since the changes in Trickster Online does not affect the builds selection. But I will try to keep it as up-to-date ASAP. Also, this is just a guide to help you and you do not need to follow it completely.

Notes : Magic Will ALWAYS, ALWAYS Be 4 for builds if you are a magic type .

Builds Selection

  • 1432 (1 Power,4 Magic, 3 Sense, 2 Charm)

    : Pros.
    -High MA .
    -Average Driller .
    -Average HP (It can keep you surviving for quite awhile.)
    -Average WT .
    -High MP
    -Average LK .

    : Cons.
    -Low AP*
    -Might die easily at times . (Depends on where you are training at.)
    -Defense might not be that good . (Just use equips with average/high DP.)

    Recommended? : Yes. It is highly recommended for hybrid Myshoppers and those who does not want to spend a single penny on Myshop points. It is also the standard build for magic types.
  • 1441 (1 Power, 4 Magic, 4 Sense, 1 Charm)

    : Pros
    -High MA .
    -Fantastic Driller .
    -High WT . (Means you can carry more pots.)
    -High LK .
    -High MP

    : Cons
    -Low AP .*
    -Low HP . (Means you will die very very easily without equips with high HP/DP)
    -Defense is very,very low. (Unless you have equips with good defense .)

    Recommended? : No, unless you have a sum of Myshop Points to buy stuffs. And you sometimes will need to compound it too. So I recommend this build to ONLY people who spend quite an amount of money on Myshop, or not, do not try this.
  • 1423 (1 Power, 4 Magic, 2 Sense, 3 Charm)

    : Pros
    -High MA .
    -High MP .
    -So-so Driller .(Drilling might not be as good as 3 in sense, but is still okay.)
    -So-so LK .
    -So-so WT .(Sometimes you will find yourself keep repotting.)
    -Average defense .
    -Average HP .

    : Cons
    -Low AP .*
    -Keep repotting at times.

    Recommended? : Yes. But you must have some Myshop Points (Sometimes only.) to buy equips and stuffs just like the 1441 build. But since your HP and DP is fine, it should not be much of a worry. I will say, go for it.
  • 1414 (1 Power, 4 Magic, 1 Sense, 4 Charm)

    : Pros
    -High MA .
    -High MP .
    -High HP .
    -High Defense.
    -AoE-ers. (People for Area Of Effect .)

    : Cons
    -Low AP .*
    -Low WT .
    -Not-So-Good Driller .
    -Always repotting.

    Recommended? : Not really... You will need to spend near the amount that players of 1441 build spends. Unless you are rich in Myshop, do not try this.

NOTES : You can try others, except 4411 (4 Power, 4 Magic, 1 Sense, 1 Charm) as Magic Types does not need any Power Stats (Not unless if you are one of those weirdoes who wants to be a Power sheepy.)

Low AP .* = As I said, AP stats are never ever needed if you are a sheepy, not so if you want to be a Power type sheepy, but that would be rare.

Highly And Always Recommended : All points goes to MA .
Balanced : 3 MA 1 LK / 2MA 2LK
I dunnoe about this one : Full LK ?
Never ever Recommended : Others.

But so what? You can try others if you want! :]. I hope this guide helped you (A bit at least.)~ Thanks for your time! ^^
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08-22-2011   #2 (permalink)
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My sheeps build was 1432 the default one...q.q
03-03-2012   #3 (permalink)
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Hatshiro is on a distinguished road
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I am currently lvl 134 priest going 1441 Pure MA, and to be honest i didn't die that much, kiting the mobs was obviously a factor, but with the LK you get from equipment and 4 sense you don't really get hit that often anyway.


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