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Default Suzaku's Guide to a DP Magic Type v0.5

Suzaku’s Guide to a DP Magic Type v0.5

Disclaimer [MDP01]
This guide is copyright to Suzaku on Do NOT reproduce and place on any other website without my express permission.

Introduction [MDP02]
The first question to answer in this guide is…why make a DP Magic type?

Some of the benefits of making a DP Magic Type:
-You won’t die…period
-You can tank

This is one of the purest forms of support someone can make on Trickster. You have access to first class debuffs, and have access to second class Dragon buffs and support skills, if going light Dragon or Hybrid Sheep. You are very difficult to kill, thanks to have a large amount of DP, and have a naturally large amount of MD so Magic type monsters have issues hitting you as well.

On that note, this build is purely for fun. You will not, for the life of you, tank like a Charm tank. Your skills were not meant for that. Can you still do a damn good job supporting and tanking? Hell yeah.

To be successful in this kind of build, however, one must be extraordinarily patient and have friends that are willing to share experience with you. This sort of build is not meant to be a hardcore grind build. This build is meant to be a slower paced build where you can experience party action with friends. However, new quest content that is still updating makes it easier to gain levels then before.

This guide will assume anyone looking at this guide knows the basics of playing Trickster Online, and will not go into detail about basic terminology and game play elements. In addition, this guide also will take into account current Revolution changes and will update accordingly. This guide will not cover PvP and GvG aspects of playing this sort of class, as I generally believe it will fail…hard.

This sort of build is not recommended for any new player to try.

Table of Contents [MDP03]
Disclaimer [MDP01]
Build Notes [MDP02]
Table of Contents [MDP03]
Contact Information [MDP04]
Stat Builds [MDP05]
Character Builds [MDP06]
Equipment and Compounding [MDP07]
Playing a DP Magic Type in a Party [MDP08]
Partying with a DP Magic Type [MDP09]
Future Guide Updates [MDP10]
Final Thoughts [MDP11]
Acknowledgements [MDP12]
Version History [MDP13]

Contact Information [MDP04]

In-Game Characters
Suzaku (Dragon)
Lysial (Fox)
Angellyn (Sheep)

Stat Builds [MDP05]
Due to the nature of this build, the recommended choice of your stat graph is 1414. For each level, you should add your bonus stat points to DP, to further increase your survivability.

Of course, this is not set in stone. By sacrificing some HP and DP, an individual may use a 1423 build, to have extra LK and WT for block and potion capacity respectively.

In addition, in my personal view, there is no such thing as too much or too little DP. If a player feels they can tank sufficiently enough, they can opt to put their bonus points into other stats, such as HP, MA, or LK, instead of DP. This is all a matter of preference.

Character Builds [MDP06]
Divided up into two subcategories:
-Pure Light Dragon (Priest)
-Pure Earth/Wind Sheep (Soul Master)

A detailed list of abilities for each class is provided on the wiki, located here:
Magic Type Skills
Magician Skills
Priest Skills
Bard Skills
Soul Master Skills

Pure Light Dragon (Priest)
Solo Tank and Support

(Tutorial) Magical Soul
(TM01) Mana Arrow 1
(TM10) Invisible Casting – 4 TM Leftover
(TM20) Rust 10 – 4 TM Leftover
(TM26) Cure 10
(TM28) Bottle of Mana 1
(TM44) Mist of Mana Master
(TM55) Light Pact
(TM55) Arrow of Light 10
(TM57) Rust Master
(TM59) Cure Master
(TM68) Mana Arrow 10
(TM80) Mana Shield 10 – 1 TM Leftover
(TM95) Light Shield Master – 1 TM Leftover
(TM96) Catastrophe Heal 1
(TM101) Basic Healing
(TM120) Shield of Heaven Master
(TM135) Searing Light Master
(TM140) Med. Cure

Light is recommended as the choice of element for a dragon for two reasons:
-Light has support skills built, unlike their Dark counterpart
-Light skills are more accurate then their Dark counterpart

Because the recommended build is 1414, having a higher accuracy for your attack skills will help increase the rate of being able to get experience, although experience growth will still be slow regardless. Still, the added natural accuracy will lead to less moments of frustration when leveling. In addition, this type of build is meant to support a party, and light has skills that are support oriented, so why go against the flow?

This particular type of skill build is meant so that leveling solo is not entirely out of the question. Mana Arrow 10 and Arrow of Light 10 will allow for some decent damage to be inflicted, while Searing Light will pull mobs of aggressive monsters to you while tanking for a party.

A full support oriented build can be used by removing Mana Arrow, Arrow of Light, Searing Light, and Invisible Casting from the list, and using the TM points to learn Heart’s Grace and respective pre-requisites instead. This kind of build will have to be leeched and partied, in order to accomplish this goal.

Pure Earth/Wind Sheep (Soul Master)
Mob Tank

(Tutorial) Magical Soul
(TM10) Invisible Casting – 5 TM Leftover
(TM20) Rust 10 – 5 TM Leftover
(TM25) Cure 10
(TM27) Bottle of Mana 1
(TM40) Mist of Mana 10
(TM55) Seal of Earth
(TM55) Seal of Wind
(TM55) Cleaving Terra Master – 2 TM Leftover
(TM56) Mist of Mana Master
(TM58) Rust Master
(TM60) Cure Master
(TM71) Mana Storm 10
(TM82) Mana Shield 10
(TM100) Earth Shield 5 or Wind Shield 5 – 12 TM Leftover
(TM105) Whirlwind Master – 2 TM Leftover
(TM109) Earth Shield 5 or Wind Shield 5
(TM140) Gnome’s Blessing Master or Sylph’s Blessing Master
(TM140) Gnome’s Blessing 10 or Sylph’s Blessing 10 – 1 TM Leftover
(TM141) Gnome’s Blessing Master or Sylph’s Blessing Master

Earth and Wind is recommend for this sort of build because of the AoE nature of these elements. Between your DP and Rust, this Sheep build can make an excellent tank. Earth and Wind is also a good choice because of the natural accuracy they have complements the lack of LK this build will have. With several AoE’s at your disposal, it will be very easy to pull mobs of monsters towards you to tank them for a party.

Blessing skills are buffs that causes damage to your opponent when you are attacked. This complements your ability to tank mobs, causing additional damage towards them as you tank. It should be noted that the damage caused by the Blessing skills is partially based off LK. If so desired, a player can use LK equips to increase the damage the Blessing skills does, with the added bonus of giving a bit higher block probability.

It should be noted that this build cannot actually kill until TM 55, so it is best to only do this if you have a friend that can help take you to that level.

Equipment [MDP07]

The weapon of choice of a Magic Type class is obviously a Rod type weapon. These weapons add MA to your build, giving you more effective spells to use. A high refined Rod weapon can greatly increase the damage of your offensive spells and the effects of your support spells.

The best type of weapon to get is either an Art or Chaos Rod. These can be tempered before being refined to get the best stats out of your rod. This is a time consuming process, but can be very rewarding as well. An Art or Chaos Rod with three slots would be best, though as long as one gets a decent MA out of their weapon, it will help in the long run.

A shield with good DP and slots are the best. Strong shields are the easiest to come by – the have large amounts of DP for their level and have a single slot to compound HP onto. If one can get their hands on a Art, Ult, or Chaos shield with at least two slots, that would be better. These shields can be tempered for your ideal DP and MD values, and give a good sized HP boost so your Cure spell is more effective.

Art and Ult MD headgears with two slots are what to look for. These headgears can be tempered for MD, DP, and MA; and refined for MD. A little of MD can help reduce the spell damage that comes from higher end Magic type monsters. In addition, this headgear can give a small boost to your damage and spell potential.

Your character has two accessory slots. Accessories are entirely up to your preference, though ideally, HP and MA should be on them. Your accessory slots can make for some rather large bonuses in these categories, so abuse them as much as you can. DP isn’t as important for this slot, as good DP accessories are rather hard to come by.

This is a tough category to fill, aside from the pets gotten in Paradise in the early levels, there are few pets that can help at later levels that are in-game drops. Really, the only alternative is to spend a little cash in MyShop pets or wait on event pets and see what drops. Generally, you’ll want pets that give HP and DP, or MA, depending on your preference.

Inner Wears
Similar to pets, after the early stages of Paradise, Inner Wear selection is few and far in between. Unlike Pets though, there is a decent selection of higher level Inner Wears that can be exchanged for GM tickets, which can be gained by participating in the O/X events. Like pets, you’ll want inner wears that provide either HP and DP, or MA.

Playing a DP Magic Type in a Party [MDP08]
This may sound strange, but words cannot stress how effective Magical Soul is to your arsenal. It may do 0 damage very early in the game, but in party play, this skill has many benefits.

Magical Soul can:
-Tag a monster, even if it does 0 damage
-Cast nearly instantly
-Has a one second cooldown
-Costs only 10 MP

This skill has boundless potential as a tank, as you can tag many monsters at a time with a very low costing spell. Additionally, though does not always work, this skill can be used to pull specific monsters towards you from a mob at almost no risk at all.

Rust gives you the potential to tank those Power types that will do enormous amounts of damage to you, even with your large amount of DP. Just be warned, even mastered, Rust can miss, so be sure to plan for that eventual miss that will occur. Later in the game, there will be some Power type mobs that use Pumping Heart and Berserker. You will be hard pressed to survive in these kinds of mobs, but thankfully, almost all these mobs are Magic weak, so it would be possible to help kill these mobs before they can do significant damage to you.

Once you have access to Arrow of Light 10, your damage will be decent enough to assist in killing things. Dragons are better solo tanks, so rely on Rust to keep the damage low, and party with people who are geared towards single targets. Generally speaking, no matter how hard a single target can hit you, you will generally survive. Mobs that do large amounts of damage at once should be avoided, but does not mean they are impossible to tank. You should be leading the charge so you can take into account what mobs you can and cannot tank.

Once you acquire Cleaving Terra….blow things up to your hearts content! You are in a role where you can tank mobs very easily, due to your ability to AoE targets. It is best to level with people who can also AoE, as you will have many monsters on you at a time. Other Sheep using Earth element comes to mind in the early stages. However, like Dragons, taking on mobs with high AP will generally result in death, as you can only Rust one target. If you play it smart though, two Sheeps pulling a mob like that can kill it before they get an attack off. Co-ordination between you and your party is key for mobbing well.

Partying with a DP Magic Type [MDP09]
Hi. This is Thistle. Suzaku wasn’t sure what to write about partying a DP type since…well he’s never partied himself! Since we are always together in game, we thought it would be best for me to give information on this part of the guide.

The first thing to be noted is you must and always will be in a SHARE party. While at later levels a DP magic type can solo…it is never as effective as when they are in a cooperative party. There’s no point to it unless you work as a team instead of individually. This also means you need to spend time together. Depending on your class, you are going to use different tactics.

As a melee, you need to let the DP Bishi grab the tag for the monster. After that feel free to whack away at the monsters.

The same rules apply for a ranged character, but it’s even more important to learn how to drop an aggressive monster on the tank at this point. Since you’re further away, you have to make sure you’re not the one getting smacked by stray monsters.

The DP magic and an AoE magic user are honestly the best pairing (or a gunner). They work well together and the Tank makes up for the lack of HP on many ranged builds such as a 1441 sheep build. Not that I recommend that at all.

The most important things to remember are to let them do their job. It’s very boring for the first 50-60 levels as a DP character. There’s not much they can do until they get mist and other skills to help with the actual damage output of the party. So, make sure to not just leave them sitting. Make use of the higher HP and DP they have by dragging monsters to them and then smacking at your leisure. Or by seeing how many mobs it takes to send them back to town like I do with Suzaku (which rarely, rarely works…I usually die first).

As you can see, it’s more like classic MMO party play this way than individual play (obviously!) and that is what makes partying with a DP magic type fun. That and they have heal…and AoE skills to pull agro monsters to them…and the serious confusion you cause to other players when they see you two paired up. The other, bigger, benefit is that you are going to be able to go places you couldn’t before since your DP friend is going to be able to take damage from higher leveled monsters than you could solo. This opens up a wider variety of leveling areas than just going alone.

Well that’s all I have to say ^_^!

Future Guide Updates [MDP10]
-Provide a brief leveling guide
-Add some aesthetics to the guide
-List beneficial equips that are easy to acquire
-Provide a Hybrid TM leveling list

Final Though [MDP11]
This guide is intended for the sole purpose of helping people in trying to make this sort of build up. I do not have much high end leveling experience on my belt, so some of this guide is all based on the theory of the game.

Any comments and criticism is welcomed. I’m always willing to learn. This type of build is definitely not a main stream build, but I found it very fun and rewarding, none the less. If you decide to build it as well, I hope you enjoy it too.

Acknowledgement [MDP12]
-Thistle, for writing the section on how to party with a build of this type

Version History [MDP13]
-Creation of Guide
-Combined Equipment and Compounding sections together
-More in-depth analysis of Equipment and the Compounds
-Changed formula of Light Barrier and Mana Web to correct version (Thanks Anchors)
-Changed some of the explanations in the Skill Build Section
-Reworded some of the explanation on the Equipment and Compounding section
-Added and “Event” subsection to Equipment and Compounding section
-Modified Table of Contents to clarify some sections of the guide
-Reworded the Build Notes section to be more professional-ish
-Added a “Quests” section and respective subsections
-Added some extra notes in the “Playing a DP Dragon” section
-Refined the “Partying with a DP Dragon” section
-Updated Guide in reflection to Trickster 2.0 (Episode 0)
-Updated Skill List section with cards needed to master items
-Updated Equipment and Compounding section with the advent of ultimate gear
-Slight modified some descriptions in the Equipment and Compounding section
-Modified the Quest section to reflect the changes in Episode 0
-Changed the title of the guide to reflect building a DP Magic Type (Sheep & Dragon)
-Large revamping of guide, made shorter and more compact.

eTO Fantasia
Suzaku - 11x 1414 DP Light Dragon
Lysial - 11x 1144 LK Fox
Angellyn - 9x 1414 DP Earth & Wind Sheep
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i guess it's fine to experiment, but once you get shield of heaven or dark barrier, you have all the protection you need from monsters, even with a 1 in charm. as far as dp vs hp, i think hp matters more because of cure, since cure heals by percent. i can argue that an MA light dragon with shield of heaven has much better survivability than a DP dragon.
all the advantages you listed as being a DP mage can be done even better by an MA mage.
btw, light dragons CAN tank even better than charms.
of course, this is based on long term. short term, you might get an advantage.

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