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WhatThePhuc 06-17-2008 10:13 AM

<STEPMANIA>'s mana ring + storm guide
mana ring and mana storm are both 1st job skills for magic-types(sheep and dragon)
when mana ring, mana storm, and mana ring booster are all mastered, you should have:
160 MP cost
0.3 seconds cast time
1.5 seconds cooldown
damage = MA*21.5
mana ring does splash damage. you select a monster to use mana ring on, it does the full damage to that monster, and does reduced damage to nearby monsters, if they are close enough to the monster you targeted. if more than one monster is stacked on top of each other and you attack, both monsters will take full damage of mana ring.

230 MP cost
1 second cast time
5 seconds cooldown
damage = MA*19
mana storm is an aoe(area of effect). it's not self-centered; you select an area on the ground to use the skill. if monsters are in the area you targeted, they will be damaged. the range is actually a bit larger than the targeting icon.

this guide will tell you how to use them effectively in certain situations. you can use them differently depending on what monster(s) you are fighting, how much MA you have, etc. I will group it into how many hits it takes for you to kill the monster(s) you are training on.

1. You can ohko with both ring and storm
pretty simple. just use ring or storm on the monster and they'll die with one hit. If you notice that there's more than one monster stacked on top of each other, the better skill to use would be mana storm, just in case they move and you end up doing only partial damage to one of them.

2. You can ohko with mana ring, but not with storm
i think in this situation, mana storm is not an effective aoe. so just use ring to kill the monster you want. if there's more than one monster, mana storm is still not a good idea. just use ring and other skills to kill the mob.

3. You can ohko with mana ring, and ohko with storm crit
this means that you cant ohko with a regular storm, but storm ohkos when it crits. use ring for single target. for more than one monster, use storm, hoping that it will crit and ohko at least one of them. then finish the other(s) with ring.

4. You can ohko with ring crit, but not with storm(crit or noncrit)
this is very unstable. you can gamble a ring and hope it ohkos for single target. if it doesn't, you can finish off the remaining hp with storm or another quick skill. for 2 monsters close to each other, use ring on one of them, storm both, then ring the other. when one monster is near you and another is farther away, use ring on the farther monster, so it can start coming towards you, use storm when you can get both in range, then ring the other.

5. You cannot ohko with neither ring or storm(both crit or noncrit), but can 2hko

for single target, use ring, then storm. for 2 monsters, use the same strategy mentioned in #4.

this is mostly for training on monsters, but i've done this in pvp too. k good luck have fun.

TehAwesomo 06-25-2008 01:37 AM

nice guide step but i got a question about mana ring. is it really worth
getting mastered mana ring and mastered booster for mana ring? i see
all mages getting them but they don't do much damage or anything
so should i get it or what @_@

Anchors 06-25-2008 06:53 AM

At some point, you'll end up with more MA and LK than you need for PvM, so R/MR will eventually OHKO despite how weak it is. Same with storm. If you get RMR (booster), it'll just make it OHKO earlier, and who can say no to a 0.3s OHKO spell?

The splash will also eventually OHKO if any secondary targets are close enough to the primary target. Since getting RMR doesn't add to the casting cost and does not detract from MR's accuracy (as long as RMR's level is not less than MR's level), there's no penalty for improving your chances at a quick, multiple-monster OHKO.

The dark type probably needs MR least of all since his/her spells will OHKO anyway, but, if you can 2HKO between MR and storm and if you have the points to get R/MR, why not?

WhatThePhuc 06-25-2008 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by TehAwesomo (Post 21922)
nice guide step but i got a question about mana ring. is it really worth
getting mastered mana ring and mastered booster for mana ring? i see
all mages getting them but they don't do much damage or anything
so should i get it or what @_@

i think anchors answered quite well
mana ring will ohko if you have enough MA
booster will give it extra damage so that it ohko's with less MA needed
i suggest you get it if you train on magic-weak monsters, which is usually the case

even if you can't ohko, mana ring can still be used as extra damage to finish off the monster
or to tag monsters quickly

HelpingMan 10-20-2008 12:05 PM

STEP? If you know something about sheeps can you make a guide about sheeps?
I dont understand what is that earth/wind bard or anything with bards..
Please make a guide if u know much about that and Thanks!

Wire 12-15-2008 12:36 PM

Mana Ring sucks unless you're either really high level or is MyHax'd.

For all newbies, they should stick to Arrow Rush (if you need Mana Ring as a pre-req.. i'd say you're one of the unlucky ones that will have to either choose to be really weak and grind until whenever you get that skill you wanted OR get arrow when you're a newbie and be cool like the rest of us mages ^_^)

If this is your first time playing, try to avoid Mana Ring or else you'll think mages are weak >.>

Sandrine 03-03-2010 11:29 AM

:( I'm Wind/Earth so I had to get Mana Ring to 10. Thing is, when I started and changed to Bard, I just had Mana Arrow and Arrow Rush because I had no idea I needed Mana Ring on 10 as a pre-req. >_< So, needless to say, I miss Arrow Rush now. xD Now, I use Wind Blade mostly, though.

RaiTheSoul 03-03-2010 12:47 PM

This...i'm pretty sure is outdated mate.

james 03-03-2010 06:44 PM

This guide is very outdated, and the owner doesn't even play Trickster Online anymore. Don't expect updates.

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