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Raekuul 01-21-2012 09:11 PM

So you want to learn Aura of Magic early, eh?
All Guides that I make are to be considered a work-in-progress, as they are made with the combination of my own experimentation and theoretical information obtained from the Wiki. This guide can also be applied to Mana Shield instead of Aura of Magic with similar results.


Aura of Magic. One of the largest wastes of TM according to some. On one hand, I agree - there are too many 'useful' skills to learn during First and Second job that Aura usually takes a backseat, or even gets forgotten about altogether. Especially since only Heart's Grace (a Light skill) requires you to even know it at all. Yet, I find it to be one of the most useful 'useless' skills in the game.

Having said that, I am one of those people who doesn't like to carry potions around, so maybe I'm just a little biased.

Anyway, if you really, truly want to learn Aura of Mana before Second Job, you would need to make some key sacrifices.

(Levels listed are what they would be if you promoted at exactly TM 40)

Option 1 - Rings and Things
Mana Ring - 10 (learn at TM 20)
Cure - 10 (learn at TM 20)
Aura of Mana - 10 (learn at TM 23)
Bottle of Mana - 1 (learn at TM 34, needed for Mist of Mana)
Mist of Mana - 3 (learn at TM 40, reaches 10 @ TM 47)

This variation skips over Invincible Casting and uses Mana Ring instead of Mana Arrow, and can have Mist of Mana at level 10 from the TM gained by promoting (with either 4 or 5 points left over; I can't remember what TM you end up with when promoting at exactly TM 40, and probably varies based on how much % you had at promotion.) The reason for taking Ring instead of Arrow is that, even though Arrow is more accurate, Ring is faster by a wide margin and fits very well with not having Invincible Casting.

Option 2 - Arrow To The Knee
Mana Arrow - 10 (learn at TM 20)
Cure - 10 (learn at TM 20)
Invincible Casting (learn at TM 25)
Aura of Mana - 10 (learn at TM 27)
Bottle of Mana - 1 (learn at TM 38)

This variation takes Invincible Casting earlier instead of Mist of Mana later, and uses Mana Arrow instead of Mana Ring. You'll be able to learn Mist of Mana from the TM gained by promoting (if you're a TM Hound like I am, you'd learn Mist at TM 42 and can have it at level 10 by TM 51), and can bring it to level 8 or 9 depending on how much % you had at promotion. Invincible Casting is needed to offset the slow-by-comparison casting time of Mana Arrow.

On The Whole...

On the whole, Aura of Mana is much more useful to a first job character than Mist of Mana is, largely because you can learn Aura of Mana before starting on the Paradise Key Quest. The single largest drawback of learning Aura of Mana early is that you have to postpone something in order to get it, usually a fair bit of offensive power. I would recommend holding off on getting Arrow Rush or Mana Ring Booster until you get a 2nd job attack spell.

InfernalGuy 01-22-2012 01:53 AM

Nice little guide :). Although I get mist ASAP and master it right away, I have to admit that Aura is indeed a nice skill. As for me, I like all kinds of buffs, and this is a party buff, so it gives party life an extra spice, as people would want to walk around with you for that nice boost of MP recovery and chance to save HP potions as well (magic can cure).

Anyway, you said about getting elemental skills, so I asume you are talking about sheep? If you really do, could you make a short review of Aura + Bolster Ballad combo?

Raekuul 01-22-2012 10:48 AM

I'm still experimenting with Aura+Bolster Ballad; I actually discovered most of what I know about Aura while working with a Dark Lord. Remember, Dark and Light are also considered 'elements' as far as how the game handles them.

InfernalGuy 01-22-2012 01:15 PM

Maybe, but when we talk about mages, its more of a path, not element :)

Recette 01-22-2012 01:19 PM

Nice guide, but I will disagree with one big thing - Mist of Mana is far more useful. Remember that even at Master the MP increase is 3.6x, which may seem substantial, but is really not a lot if you are casting spells all the time, in the end your MP bar will end depleted, just a minute or two later.

Granted, you learn it earlier, but there are only two MP consuming spells in the beginning, your attacking spell of choice - Arrow or Ring, the former should be kept at a low level due to high MP consumption and similar damage output as the beginning spell, I am not sure about Ring because I avoid it until later on, and Cure. The beginning spell, which should be the primary attacking skill of choice until Paradise is finished, is very MP friendly.

Also, having both mastered Ballad + Aura, it is of my opinion that the decrease in MP consumption is minimal. The combo will allow you to use 11 or so less potions out of 100, assuming you are continuously casting, at the cost of the inconvenience of having to activate both every 3 min. If you are doing something like questing or PvP they are even less useful as the less you cast during this period the less benefits both spells provide.

Also, as a side note, Ring is not really that faster, I do find it cooler, but as the Ring keeps hanging on the air for a while it has overall the same hit speed, and the cooldown is not a decisive factor as you can cast the beginning spell (which I believe should be the primary choice until Paradise is finished off).

Considering that you will definitively need the power from AR + Mist by the time you reach the 2nd job trials, I would rather spend the TM points in these first and then in AoE spells, and maybe then Ring (unless you need it for a prerequisite) and Ballad + Aura.

Raekuul 01-22-2012 04:01 PM

Aura is one of those skills that you use in those moments when you're not being attacked, or when you're just running from map to map. And anyway, you'll notice that both of the options I gave in the guide both have Mist of Mana as the goal at TM 51 as opposed to making Aura of Mana the central skill. It's useful, but not worth completely missing Mist for (as I discovered on my Dark Lord). The main reason Aura would be more useful to a 1st job character as opposed to Mist is the simple fact that you get Aura at TM 20 and Mist at TM 40 - and TM 40 is when you can promote to 2nd job, so you don't really get to use it during 1st job anyway.

EDIT: I wish Aura of Mana could be used in towns, too

EDIT 2: Recette, Ring's casting time is phenomenally low, as is its recharge time - you can have two rings being cast at the same time. It's not faster overall, but it's a lot less likely to get broken by being attacked - which is why the No-Invincible-Casting version uses Ring instead of Arrow.

Recette 01-22-2012 05:45 PM

Like having a pet with 5x MP recovery, that does not help much unless you stop casting for a minute and go to sleep (which also increases mana recovery), which is annoying if you do all the time while you are in the middle of something. Map changes are not that common enough to warrant the use of this spell by itself.

Even though by the time you reach TM 40 you are probably ready to go to second job you will need it if you want to get the Growth Badge yourself while in first job - that alone would make it better than Aura.

Arrow followed by Ring provide similar casting speed as two Rings in a row. After that you need to run father in any case (so you can cast again without being attacked) so decreased speed from Ring is not that needed (unless you like pulling 3+ Rings in a row).

In any case, skipping Invincible Casting is really a no-no unless you like the challenge, and you will probably regret skipping it + Arrow + a mastered Mist (rather than one at lv 3) by the time you reach TM 40 at Caballa, especially considering Aura would have become almost useless by then and even worse after (as the MP recovery is fixed in absolute numbers, not by % of your total MP or your level).

In a few words, Aura can be useful indeed for those in 1st job, though changing priorities later on make it hard to justify a spot that early, especially if you are a hybrid.

InfernalGuy 01-23-2012 03:43 AM

While hunting for iron grass with my mage, I was using mana arrow lv. 1, which costs 50 MP, and I was able to OHKO monsters (clam shell, iirc?). So my MP was regening all the time, since I wasn't hitted. THEN I thought that Aura would really come in handy. But later on, mobs starts to turn aggro, so I have to agree with Recette. For light mages, maybe you can, or even should get it at 1st job. But just GET, not level more than lv. 1. It's still a pre-req for Hearts grace and STILL - it IS usefull, not comparing to mist or dark barrier/SoH, but it is.

Raekuul 01-23-2012 07:59 AM

Recette: I don't have Ring and Arrow on the same setups - the ENTIRE REASON skipping invincible is possible is because of how low Ring's casting time is. That's a lot harder to do with Arrow. Possible, but harder.

Infernal: Like Recette said, Aura of Mana is at its strongest when paired with an MP x5 Pet. I'm pretty sure that Regen isn't stopped by a monster missing you.

Both of you: The goal of this guide is to prove that you can still have Mist before learning any 2nd job skills even if you get Aura of Mana to level 10 before doing so. I mentioned in the guide that you have to drop a fair bit of offensive power to do so, and I suggested in the guide that you skip over your primary attack spell's booster skill until you've got a 2nd job attack spell ready to go.

InfernalGuy 01-23-2012 10:04 AM

Imo, another alternative to Aura would be Mana shield, especially when you come to caballa, because Aposis family (it is a family, cuz you get hit by 3~5 at once) uses mana arrow, which usually deals ~400 damage each. So Mana shield would be really usefull. Secondly, mana shield is pre-req for SoH, dark barrier and elemental shields, so it's not a bad investment of TM points even at lower lvls.

Raekuul 01-23-2012 11:35 AM

This is true; I have modified the guide slightly to reflect this.

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