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01-03-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default General bossing guide for Light Elect Fire types.

I posted this before in the magic character section to answer someone's question but I thought it would be better off if I left it here as well.

What this is is just one of the very many combos you can use during bossing and it doesn't factor in boss resistance. I built this combo purely on cooldown/cast time/damage efficiency and it uses all 3 elements in the combo.

This isn't a mantra for people to follow, just a suggestion, I'm not trying to say this is the best combo out there as well.

I haven't use this combo personally (this information was all based on research), but it should work as described. This combo should work well on the Chaos's Tower bosses.

Here's the combo:

First I'd lay down the DoT from longest to shortest cooldown.
So that's Scorching (15 sec), Phoenix (15 sec, 1.8 second cast), Tesla (16 sec, 1 sec cast)

Once they're all put down, scorching will have 11.5-12.2 seconds left in it's effect and 17.5-18.2 seconds before you can use it. This is all depending on how quick you are at casting. I've allowed a 0.5 seconds because of human error, the time in between each cast would be about 0.25 seconds.

Now, once you're done with scorching's cooldown, Phoenix will have 3.7-4.2 seconds of inactivity while Tesla will have 1.7-2.2 seconds of inactivity as long as you are quick with timing.

Now once that's set up, you move on to the 1v1's: Radiant, Incinerate and Light Wave
Why? Their cooldowns and cast times match up nicely and the damage output is some of the highest in this build. Radiant and Light Wave will also kill off some minions.

The combo for this should be done as Radiant Strike (1.5 sec cast, 4 sec cool), Light Wave (2 sec cast, 2 sec cool), Incinerate (1.8 sec cast, 4 sec cool)

This order is optimized for their cooldowns and cast times, after the first round if done flawlessly, Radiant should have .2 sec left in it's cooldown, Light should have 0, and Incinerate should have .3 secs left in it's cooldown. The first round will take 4.3 seconds to complete and every round after that should take about 4.8 seconds to complete.

In terms of time, 1 round = 4.3 seconds, 2 rounds = 9.1 seconds, 3 rounds = 13.9 seconds, 4 rounds = 18.7 seconds.

Allowing for human error which would be about .5 seconds per round, 1 round = 4.8 seconds, 2 rounds = 10.1 seconds, 3 rounds = 15.4 seconds, 4 rounds = 20.7 seconds. That's a total of 2 seconds of human error at the 4th round.

Recapping from before, if you do the setup DoT combo asap without time in between, the time you have to pull off your 1v1 combo is 18.2 seconds at the very best (lol if you had no lag and were as fast as a macro), otherwise allowing for about 0.5 seconds of human error, you have 17.7 seconds to complete as many rounds as possible. As stated from before, Phoenix has 4.2 seconds of inactivity at most. Also, since you can use scorching first, take 1.5 seconds off of that before you add it to your time limit. Your actual time for 1v1 skills is 20.4 seconds, which has a -0.3 second difference from 4 rounds; you don't have to wait for any cooldown whatsoever.

So if you TLNR'd here it is.

1. Setup: Scorching > Phoenix > Tesla

2. 1 v 1s: Radiant > Light Wave > Incinerate x4

3. Return back to Setup and repeat until the boss goes down.
Edit: Correction on the 2nd and onwards round for the 1v1's.

I made a mistake with human error (lols for irony) and instead just added 0.5 to 4.8 without factoring in the 0.2 and 0.3 from the leftover time from Radiant and Incinerate's cooldown.

Here's the correction:
1 round = 4.3 seconds, 2 rounds = 9.1 seconds, 3 rounds = 13.9 seconds, 4 rounds = 18.7 seconds.

As you can see, this is identical to the "perfect" cast times without human error because the leftover time from the cooldowns will cover it.

The time limit for 1v1 skills is 20.4 seconds so the difference from 4 rounds is 1.7 seconds which fits in perfectly for another Radiant Strike adjusted with it's 0.2 seconds of leftover cooldown.

Here's the new TL : DNR version.

1. Setup: Scorching > Phoenix > Tesla

2. 1 v 1s: Radiant > Light Wave > Incinerate x4

4. Radiant

5. Return back to Setup and repeat until the boss goes down.

An easy way to keep track of this combo is to just count how many times you pull off Radiant Strike (which is 5 times).

Last edited by Mentosftw; 01-03-2012 at 01:21 PM.
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