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gah lol
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Default [NA] The Blaze Skill: Red Hot Magic

The Blaze Skill: Red Hot Magic

One of the most exciting skills being added to Mabinogi this update will be Blaze! With the Blaze skill, players are able to use their mastery of Magic to create orbs of fire. Blaze works differently than other skills, so it can be tricky to master at first. With dedication and practice, however, Blaze can be one of the deadliest tricks in your arsenal.

Read on for our guide to using Blaze properly. This may come in handy with Erinn’s number one threat: Bears.

The bear’s attacking! What a naughty bear! What a perfect time to practice Blaze, though! The first thing you need to do is ready your wand. Blaze relies on have a trusty wand on hand. More than one Mabinogian has tried to attack without a wand, and quickly been defeated.

Now that you have your wand out, you need to charge Blaze using your Mana. Hold down the skill button to do this. You can’t move while charging, so plan ahead. This is not a skill that can be thrown out without thought. Thankfully, the bear got distracted. What’s he looking at? We’re not sure, but it must be fascinating.

Oh no! He noticed us! It’s rearing up to attack! Luckily for us, our Blaze is charged and ready. Now to be a daredevil and let the bear get close. Blaze is a close range move, so we need to lure the bear in. Closer… closer… closer… and then…

Boom! The Blaze connects and fire explodes around the Bear. What a shock! All the bear can say is “!!”. Note the extreme amount of damage that Blaze does. All the planning was worth it. This single attack has thrown the bear for a loop.

Note that this attack can knock an enemy flat on its back. If the Blaze does, expect additional damage!

Blaze can’t be used carelessly; it drains Mana and takes time to charge. Once you understand how to make it work to your advantage, however, the damage it does to opponents can turn the entire battle to your favor.

Thanks for reading, and look out for bears!

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