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AnnabelleMarie 04-09-2011 06:56 PM

G14 stuff?
yeah so what is coming with g14? i haven't really kept up the the KR stuff ._....all i know is personal farms? but i dont even know how that works exactly..

anyone have any more info? guides and what not

ThisIsAPen 04-09-2011 08:15 PM

All I know is, Romeo and Juliet storyline, Shield of Avon, new personas, lances + skills exclusive to lance, rapier, new interface...... idk what else

Joey 04-09-2011 09:32 PM


Main Updates

* Generation 14 Mainstream Quests are available.
* Private Farms are added.
* Login Screen is changed.
* World map is renewed.
* New Theater Mission:Jailer of Gods
* New Gold Combo Cards are added.
* Combo Card drop rate increased.

Minor Updates

* Special Upgrade limit is raised to 6 times.
* New hairstyles and eyes.
* New weapon: Lance
* Spirit Weapon's repair rate and damage are increased.
* Special Music Score has been rebalanced.
* New characters may choose a Destiny.
* Characters no longer gain weight from eating food when hungry.
* Voight sells new Artifact Collection Books.
* Players can now run while using Meditation with a Trinity Staff.
* Claudius's Conspiracy Persona now adds +20 Luck but Intelligence is lowered to +100.
* Edern's Part-time Job is added.
* New enchant scrolls added.

Skill Updates

* New passive mastery: Lance Mastery
* New combat skills: Lance Charge, Lance Counter
* Skill Uncaps
o Charge (6 to 1)
o Fire Shield (6 to 1)
o Fragmentation (6 to 1)
o Handicraft (6 to 1)
o Ice Shield (6 to 1)
o Lightning Shield (6 to 1)
o Natural Shield (6 to 1)
o Sand Burst (6 to 1)
o Synthesis (6 to 1)
o Taming Wild Animals (6 to 1)
o Wind Blast (6 to 1)
o Composing (Rank 5)
o First Aid (Rank 6)
o Musical Knowledge (Rank 4)
* Refine, Fishing, Alchemy Mastery, and Windmill have rebalanced training for certain ranks.
* Rain Casting and Throwing Attack's Cooldown Time is decreased.
* Summon Golem's size is decreased.
Patches - Mabinogi World Wiki

Expect some of these to be spread out, since we've essentially caught up with Korea they'll have to slow it down a bit. They'll probably patch certain things in in parts.

Marzai 04-11-2011 08:19 AM


Throwing Attack's Cooldown Time is decreased
All I have to say is: YES!!!

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