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AnnabelleMarie 01-08-2011 11:48 AM

Can someone give me the link to...
Can someone give me the link to the Europe wiki? the Mabi World one is down again .__. and i need to look up some stuff:py36:

fieryshadowcard 01-08-2011 03:52 PM

So glad it wasn't just me. I believe.

AnnabelleMarie 01-08-2011 08:43 PM

okay so they finally posted what happened to it


wiki is down for emergency maintenance. Rather than protest about nexon's BS, how about a protest against mabiworld's own lack of PR. You'd swear nexon owns it.
- Saturn226


Sorry I haven't been around. I have been out of town at a conference and currently still attending.

I received a message from IJ, server admin, that the server will be down until Sunday evening and may require some reconfiguration. This can be considered an emergency maintenance and I have been asked to be kept informed. I also requested that server be moved to a data center for better housing of the server and security.

I will keep everyone informed the best I can, but I will make no promises because I very busy for the next two days with organization business and school. After that, I will be available.

Again, sorry for any troubles this may have caused.
- KhentaMFL


Why hasnt IJ attempted to ever really keep us informed. Why does IJ take the mabinogi wiki down without so much as a notice or a splash page or a redirection or a forum post. The wiki is down almost 24/7 and the only person who even tries to appease the public is yourself who is about as informed as us. I dont want to hear from his personal gofer. I want to hear straight from the horses mouth, what the hell is wrong with the wiki. It is rediculous at this point. Hell, who knows perhaps someone around here has the technical know how to actually help you guys fix it. Won't know that if you dont inform of.
- Saturn226

Source: Nexon Forums - what happened to all the wiki's?

i also contacted the owner a long time ago if he wanted to stuff his wiki on this site and he said no because at that time the wiki had ads on the side and because there is ads in other areas on this site.

AnnabelleMarie 01-23-2011 11:51 AM

YEAH its down again

Main Page - mabinoger Wiki


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