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Tenelax 08-23-2008 10:53 AM

Which pet?
I just got a 10k NX card and I was wondering which pet should I choose... If I get the panda, I can't get anymore pets. If I get an average pet, I can get 2 of them and if I get a weak pet (like those kitties :shock:) I can get 3 of them... So what's better? Quantity over quality or vice-versa? Also which are the best pet in each categories? (even if I think they all have their own up and down)

PS: When I'm talking about average and weak, I'm talking about the price.

fieryshadowcard 08-23-2008 01:28 PM

Get the one you like the most. They're all hax. Besides, you'll eventually get one that's more hax. But... since panda's disappearing I'd say get Panda. They continue to grow for a loooooong time, so even though you can only get one pet by choosing panda, it's not a bad investment. The others will be there to stay.

My first pet was the Silver Fox, which I got primarily for companionship.

Even though its growth is stunted at Age 5 and its inventory is mediocre, it backs up what I said above: they're all hax. Even the least hax is haxed out, lol.

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