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PKShota 09-28-2009 02:44 PM

Solo Golem in Ciar Basic.
Oh em gee I think this is gonna be hard for me~

So this is for Generation 1 (Yeah I'm serious LOL)

So, Lv17 (Total Lv47 from last rb) right now, do you think I am okay for Golem + Metal Skeletons?

I only have a Two-Handed Sword, with a Stiff Fierce Mace, and One Long Sword + a Good Bastard Sword in dual-wielding. I don't think they are enough, since my attack rate is low...(Combat Rank A)

Should I level some more and get Combat Rank 9 or what? I would also need any recommendations on necessary potions, but I do have a heap of HP 30, 50 and two 100's already.

Also, I need to know how to really fight a Golem by myself. Should I take out the skeletons first with my archery/magic (lure)? Or go all out then skeletons later?

iZaito 10-18-2009 03:56 AM

uhm i dont know if im late but if you wanna take out the skeletons easy use ice counter on them :X they aint so hard and well fire counter the golem myself i failed at them because i used range XD

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