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AnnabelleMarie 07-15-2009 12:48 AM

How to get to Courcle?
How to get to Courcle?

hey guys since the new area might come in 2 days... how exactly do i get there lol? i did some digging around and found some but no clue if works x.x i relly dont want to wander lost

- this one is what the wiki said :x
Lutra River
* The Lutra River separates Connous and Courcle from Rano.
Crossing the River
* Southern Bridge:
o Head to Karu Forest.
o Keep going north and slightly east, until you come off the mini map. (You can't see yourself.) The bridge should be found near the N in Neres Plateau, on the world map.
* Northern Bridge:
o In Maiz Prairie


wiki said this too x.x
Courcle is the region of Iria north of Rano. You may enter it by crossing the river south of Physis; however it must be frozen by use of an (insert name here) item gathered from rocks near the river.


japanese wiki x.x
External access path
RANO -- Lutra River- Bridge in the south - L build a bridge using the rod (2 places)
CONNUS - errans canyon - Bridge in the east - L build a bridge using the rod (4 points)
PHYSIS - lunae valley - North bridge - Ice crystals can be used from a nearby rock (8 points)


Use your new bird and fly there

Which one is correct? Help Please thanks

Joey 07-15-2009 09:00 AM

shoot I thought you just had to travel through Metus :x

Rusty 07-15-2009 04:06 PM

Well, bridges will probably have to be built, like for Rano to Connous; but I'm sure that's no problem at all.

By the sounds of it, you can get there from either of the places?

I'm supposing Courcle is in the center of Iria (where the map is covered in cloud) near Solea?

If so, each place probably has a connecting path.

I'll just fly an Eagle through Rano after taking a Mana Tunnel, and wait for someone to build a bridge (probably can't fly where there is no actual land, so no flying over without a bridge most likely).

We'll just have to wait and see.

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