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Joey 07-11-2008 11:21 AM

Golem Strategy?
Hey, I need a good strategy for fighting the golems on Ceo Island... Any help is appreciated.

KuroKoden 07-11-2008 12:20 PM

Don't lag, I used to always lag death from them

Zephy 07-11-2008 01:12 PM


But in all seriousness, fire-counter maybe the best strategy. But even this technique may not be full-proof. If they pound in front of you, there is really not much you can do.

Paul 07-11-2008 08:49 PM

Well for my method, it requires a few things.... specifically a wall would be best.

Anyways, if you have a pet, it would really help, just make your pet or pets knock the golem back to the wall. but since its ceo, use a tree or a campfire or for what i do for Ceo Field Boss, the end of the island, as in the sandy area conecting to the ocean/water.

Once the golem is on the wall, start off with a 1+1+windmill. right when the windmill finishes, use smash. Now, if you find that you cannot connect smash after windmill, that is because your connection is not "fast" enough. I myself, even without a wall, i can connect windmill right after a smash on a golem because of its size.

Anyways, if you cant smash, id reccomend a Defense Cancel which is basically a way to cancel skill delay / attack delay which allows you to attack a bit faster. So basically, right after windmilll, use defense then cancel it then normal attack then windmill again then defense cancel and repeat.

If you find that you windmill'd the golem in defense, just windmill asap again, you should be able to hit it before it hits you. IF you use defense cancel method, the golem shouldnt even be able to fully charge any skill thus leaving the only way to hit you if you def cancel is its normal attack.

heres darksen showing a method i use as well sometimes, Smash+windmill and defense cancel... pala mode helps because of the extra HP and DEF allowing you to actually defend and survive

n00bE 07-11-2008 09:03 PM

You could always play Smashmill Baseball with the Golems if you have someone else with you XD
I just simply read the skills. If I get it cornered it works better for me. If the golem doesnt flash and has a skill over its head(Windmill) Ill N+1 it them put up counter. Then i cancel out my counter if its using a skill to cancel out the skill its using.

Dennisthemennis 07-14-2008 11:21 PM

coming to ceo with 4 friends that know fireball works wonders <_< >_>

Envy 07-17-2008 03:55 PM

well there's fire counter but damn, that takes so long...

warning: you need a kite shield for this or you'll get pwnt, and probably like a couple hp30 pots xD
what I usually do is start with an N+1 (or just two normal hits if you don't know how), and make sure I'm very close to the golem after the last hit. Then I windmill it, go into defence, and walk away to avoid possible a possible stomp.

If he rushes at me, the defend works, but I end up getting hit for around 30-50 damage. Not a big deal, because after defence, I just pot up during the delay between normal hits.

Then just do that til he dies. If he walks around, he's using defence, so smash him and walk away in defence. If he stands still for a long time, he's using counter or windmill so just stay away from him and put up a counter or defence. If he runs at you with a skill over his head he's using smash, so just N+1 him before he gets to you and repeat the first steps.

KryoSan 07-18-2008 09:18 AM

Golem and you - Quick and Easy guide too defeating golems

For this guide you will need

Common Sense
Sharp Mind D-B
Smash of Any Rank
Defend of D-A
Counter of F-C
Firebolt or Icebolt Rank F or more too your liking

Start the battle with Normal hits or N+1 (because two - 3 normal hits without N+1 does MORE Damage then smash under rank B) Now if you have the suggested Sharp mind, watch the golems skill, If he defends, Smash, If he smashes, normal hit him, if he counters, (Which is a skill Suwa forgot too mention) Windmill, If he Windmills, Defend, If he normal Attacks, counter. Or if you wanna play it on the safe side, counter WM with Fire or Ice bolt. As for Stomp, Use fire Bolt. Hope your quick ._..

If you dont, which makes it harder, make sure your always A good walking distance away. With firebolt on the ready. What is usually a good strat is, Hit Hit (depending on your weapon maybe a third hit) then followed by walking back a bit (Golem usually goes into Defend now) Smash (He will either counter or ready stomp) and Firebolt charge; hopefully quick enough too cast the spell.

This was a quick Five minute thing, wish you luck!K ^^

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