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11-19-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Lots of things!!! (Mari)

Heres the list of things I have for sale, if durability is not mentioned assume it is max/full. anything about the item that may be special or important to note will be included. Feel free to offer a price if not satisfied with the listed ones, will also consider item trades; especially if the item offered is a damaging gauntlet, inconvenient boots, or other -cp gear. My IGN is lafayette server is Mari
and ill typically be on anytime after 3pm weekdays and weekends.

Maid Dress Long -700k
Flute (event red) (11/65 dur) - 50k
Unusual Round Shield - 25k
Starry Bunny Headband 5 - 100k
Gothic Basic Suit - 65k
Nao Costume Kit - 10k
Glove of Extravaganza -150k
Wood Rimmed Glasses - 50k
Mongoose Bloody Hatchet - 10k
Waterdrop Cap x2 - 40k
Dairy Cow Hat - 10k
Arish Ashuvain Boots F - 50k
Starry Wizard Hat - 25k
Shooting Star Robe - 100k
Raven Fluted Short Sword - 15k
Crossbow (100 prof) - 150k
Leo Shoes - 150k
Striped Kitty Hat - 10k
Stiff Vintage Tail Cap - 20k
Nao's Explorer Suit - 50k
Powerful Cylinder - 40k
Selina School Uniform - 250k
Vine Print Hunting Boots - 50k
Criminal's Ski Mask - 50k
Andras Bow - 600k
Mace (gacha pink) - 70k
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