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Prinnrose 02-09-2013 11:07 AM

Adorable Raccoon Outfit (F)/Pink Flashy Avon (Alexina)
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So these are the two main things I'm selling. Contact me here:

IGN: Prinnrose
Server: Alexina
Ch: 1/2

Adorable Raccoon Outfit (F) - 2mill

Pink Flashy Avon Shield - 1.2mill

Bell Fox Set (F) - 700k (offer?)
Blue Bear Paw Pillow - 250k

Pajama Set (F) (Outfit and Shoes) - 400k

Flamerider Outfit (F) - 1mill (offer?)
Cheetah Paw Club - 200k (offer?)
Blue Slippers - 50k
Pirate Captain Hat - 50k

Gothic Riding Suit (M) - 150k
Bandit Clothes - 100k
Bandit Shoes - 50k
Falias Frag - 75k
Phoenix Flashy Dye - 500k
Pumpkin Bat Umbrella w/ Flashy Yellow Stars - 500k

Nakuru Dragon Pattern Magician Robe (F) - 800k

And that's about it there.

I am buying and/or trading for a few things:
Hebona Robe
Mythical Phoenix Feather Sword

So let me know. Message me in game or reply here on the forums. ^^

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