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AnnabelleMarie 08-22-2011 09:35 PM

Homes @ Sen Mag - Ruairi
S>Homes @ Sen Mag

er Since its been a while that people were able to buy a home... Sen Mag has 12? homes that their auction ends within the next 30 minutues (9:59 pm pst) so if you are homeless from before the rollback.. or you are homeless because you just Free Premium Service come and visit.. i put up fliers just search Annabelle.

If you are not able to win any or forget to bid... tomorrows the 23rd is the LAST day you can get one in Both Sliab and Sen (Abb and Dugald are dead no one lives there and no one can live there)

If you cant win any or forget to bid on both the 22 and 23rd you are screwed in til the 29th when Sen has homes ready after 8:30 pm pst and Sliab since 11 am pst i think.

happy house hunting Ruairi and sorry for most of the homes the same minute >.<

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