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AnnabelleMarie 01-19-2011 10:36 AM

Kiosk Guide!
G13 brings us... KIOSK YEAH! your own personal hot dog cart or taco stand :py16:

First.... you need Premium Service! boo!

If you have service its time to get your Kiosk!

Walter sells them in Dunbarton! - Shop - General Goods 2nd Page - There is your Kiosk!

Also remember to buy a Brownie because if you walk away from the Kiosk it will close.

Now the Kiosk can only go on the South & North Dunbarton walls...not the East or West wall

North & South = Green
East & West = Red

find a nice empty spot and your character will bend over and install the Kiosk.

The Kiosk is originally 2x4 BUT once placed on the wall a new inventory appears 5x10
nice and roomie!

If you cc and your kiosk closed all your items will go in the Kiosk bag 2x4

you can either Install your Kiosk again, it will make all your items appear in your regular inventory


Tidy Kiosk
all your items go in your inventory as well

Now with a kiosk ALL your items will now be searchable on the NEW Kiosk tab on the Item Search Board on ALL chs

now im still experimenting with the Kiosk :D so i dont have any more info yet but if you guys learn or know more about the Kiosk just share with us :D

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