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gah lol
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Default Destiny System

* The Destiny system allows minor specialization in one combat area for players.
  • o The areas available are Warrior, Ranger, Mage or Alchemist.
  • o Players may choose no Destiny.
+Players who have no Destiny will not receive any bonus stats or bonus training.
  • o The player's Destiny will be displayed in the character window.
  • o Characters may select a Destiny upon rebirthing.
+ Newly made characters may not select a Destiny.
  • o Destinys may be changed each time the character rebirths.
+ Upon choosing a character's age, gender, and features Nao will ask the player if they would like to choose a Destiny.
+ Upon choosing the Destiny, the player will be asked to confirm the selection.
* Depending on the Destiny chosen, certain stats will increase faster than normal upon leveling and aging.
* Depending on the Destiny chosen, certain skills will gain 2 counts of training each time a requirement is fulfilled.
  • o This effect is maintained even when mastering a skill.
  • o Other training boosts will stack with this effect.
* Usable skills are not affected by Destiny choice.
* Presently there is no Destiny that affects the training of Life skills.
* Starting, leveling, and aging stats will never be lower than they were before the Destiny system was implemented.







Source: Destiny - Mabinogi World Wiki

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