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07-23-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default G1 Mainstream Startup Guide

This is a guide about Generation 1 mainstream quest (storyline). Where to start etc. I made this guide to help new people to know what to do in the beginning in the quest, since I found it a bit confusing myself.

This is my very first guide Iím writing, so it might now be as good as the other guides here. And, English is not my main language, so my grammar etc may be a little wrong too, but I hope you guys will understand what Iím writing.

Posted it now, because my fantasy life club expires soon, and this is how far Iíve come.
Still very incomplete.

Please correct me if something in the guide is wrong.

01: Start
02: Getting the earrings
03: Mana Herbs
04: Finding the Druid
05: 3 Warriors
06: Alby Dungeon
07: Goddess Morrighan
08: Barri Dungeon
09: Monks in the cities
10: Goro
11: Ciar Basic Evil Dungeon
12: Goddess, lend me your moonlight
13: Succubus

01: Start
If you just bought the advance play from the Premium shop, youíll have to relog to start the storyline. When you do, youíll see a cut scene and get a quest that tells you to go to see Duncan. Duncan is the old guy you met first when you arrive Tir Chonaill.
He will ask you to get some earrings.

02: Getting the earrings
Start with going one map north for Tir Chonaill. There you will find the Snowman tomb. One of the snowmen will drop the earring you need, so look for a snowman with 16 teeth, and keep hitting it until it drops the earrings. Head to Duncan and finish the quest. Note! After completing the quest, you wonít get a new quest by the owl.

03: Mana Herbs
Now, Duncan will tell you about some Mana herbs and a Druid. Take a run in either Ciar or Alby Dungeon to get 2x Mana Herbs (or more to be on the safe side), which you need later.

04: Finding the Druid
Now, you have to deliver the mana herbs to the Druid that Duncan talked about. He is located two maps north of Tir Chonaill. There will either be a NPC named [bear] or a human named [Tarlach]. If the NPC is in human form, wait until he transforms into a bear (6:00 a.m), and give him the one herb, talk to him, give him another herb, talk to him. Repeat until he give you a new keyword, [Tarlach].

05: 3 Warriors
Head back to Duncan and talk to him aout you new keyword and you should get another new keyword. Head over to Lessar (at school in Tir Chonaill) which will tell you to go to Stewart (at school in Dunbaraton).

Talk to Stewart about the 3 Warriors, and he will give you Tarlachís locket and a Red wing of the Goddess. He also tells you to drop the Locket on the floor in the Alby dungeon. Note! You need a party of three to enter.
Go to Alby dungeon (you can use the wing he gave you), north of the map in Tir Chonaill.

06: Alby Dungeon
When you arive the entrance to Alby with a party of three, drop the Locket to enter the dungeon. Youíll see a cut scene, and now your party get the role to play as Tarlach(Magican/Healer), Ruairi(Warrior) and Mari(Archer). (The leader always get the role as Tarlach). When youíre done, you should have a new keyword, [Goddess Morrighan].

07: Goddess Morrighan
Now, head to Meven and talk about [Goddess Morrighan]. He will tell you to talk to the Druid Tarlach. Go there and talk to him and youíll get a new keyword. Heíll tell you to get a book called [The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog] at the labrary in Durbaraton. Head to Durbaraton.

When you arrive, go to the bookstore and talk to Aeira about the book (new opinion in the last page of the book that pops up), sheíll tell you that she donít have it, that she can get it. Now you have to wait for a while. (12 real time hours? unconfirmed). Talk to her again, and she will say that an owl will bring you it. Wait until you get the book.

When youíve got the book, advance read it, and you should get a new keyword, [Paradise]. Head over to Tarlach and talk to him about it.

08: Barri Dungeon
When you talk about Paradise to Tarlach, heíll give you a Brown Formor Pass that youíll have to drop on the entrance of the Barri Dungeon (located in Bangor). Up to three people can enter. Note! Remember to pick up the Evil Medal when youíve defeated the boss. It might be in someone elseís treasure chest, but youíll be able to pick it up. Itís also just one medal per dungeon, which will be given to the person who drops the pass (leader of party).

09: Priests in the cities
Now that you got the formor medal, you have to talk to each priest in Bangor (Comgan), Dunbaraton(Kristell) and Tir Chonail (Meven and Endelyon). Now, you should have a new keyword, and one of the priests should tell you that you have to find a formor in Tir Chonaill that talk human language.

10: Goro
There is only one formor in in Tir Chonaill that talks human language, and thatís a goblin named [Goro]. You will find him in the battle arena in Alby dungeon. To enter the battle arena, you have to buy coins from Ranald (at the school in Tir Chonaill) and drop it at the entrance in alby dungeon. Drop 1 coin there and youíll be transported to the battle arena. Talk to him about the new keyword youíve gotten, and he will tell you that he will read whatís written on the medal if you get his ring if you do him a favour. He says that he lost it in the Ciar Basic Evil Dungeon, and that a owl will bring you the quest.

11:Ciar Basic Evil Dungeon
The next target is the Ciar Basic Evil Dungeon. You have to enter the Basic version of Ciar, which is the the Ciar Evil Basic, but you can only enter alone. To get into Ciar Basic, you need a Basic pass which is found in the Ciar beginner/Ciar Basic and sometimes in Alby Dungeon.
Goroís ring will be in the chest after youíve defeated the boss.

When youíve got the ring, head back to Goro, and talk to him. Open your quest-log and complete your quest. Now you should have a new keyword.

12: Goddess, lend me your moonlight
Go to Tarlach again and speak to him about you new keyword, and he will tell you to go back to Goro. Speak to Goro about your new keyword and he will tell you about a succubus in Dunbaraton.

13: Succubus
Head to [Kristell] in Dunbaraton and talk to her about your new keyword. She will give you an item that you have to drop at the entrance of Rabbie Dungeon (you can only enter alone). She will also give you a wing of the goddess that transports you there. Now you will get the role as [Tarlach] to defeat Rabbie. After defeated the boss, you should have a new keyword, so head back to [Kristell] and talk to her about it. She will tell you to go to [Tarlach]

Some credits to the people who have posted here xD
Author-Unknown Ex-MyMabinogi user

Why is this here? These guides were stolen from the people who wrote them and are placed on without credit. I did some moving =). If you are the one who wrote this and you do not want them on this forum, please PM me and I will remove it immediately. Thank you.
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07-24-2008   #2 (permalink)
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There's a more in depth guide available already. >_<


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