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Default About Enchant Scrolls and Enchant Skill

*Enchant scrolls can alter your character’s stats when you use them on your equipment e.g. shoes, sword, dress, etc.

*There are different types/ranks of enchant scrolls which you can find throughout the game.

*The higher the rank of the enchant scroll, the harder it will succeed in enchanting your equipment. If you failed to enchant an equipment, the durability of the equipment will reduce and in worse cases, you might even break your equipment, i.e. Durability: 0/0.

*Enchant scrolls which are easiest to find are the ones from the chests in dungeons after you killed the boss. Before CP2, you can easily find enchant scrolls from wolves.

*There are “good” scrolls and “bad” scrolls. The good ones consists of only blue text while the bad has red text. Use only those with blue text.

*Enchant Skill can help to increase the success rate of using the enchant scrolls significantly. (80% success rate for F rank scrolls with Enchant Skill!!!)

*To get Enchant Skill, you must first get hold of Magic Powder. Once you put the Magic Powder in your left hand, you’ll automatically learn Enchant Skill.

*There are two ways of getting Magic Powder. One way is to hunt for it in dungeons other than the newbie dungeon. The other way is to get someone else who has Enchant Skill already to make Magic Powder for you by Enchant Burning.

*Ingredients for making Magic Powder by Enchant Burning are:

-Blessing Water x 1
-Mana Herb x 1 (Mana herbs are dropped by Will-O-Wisp)
-Any enchanted item x 1 (e.g. Snake Hunter Popo’s Skirt of Topaz dropped by wolves. An items is enchanted when you see blue or red text in the description.)

*When you burn the enchanted item in the campfire while having the blessing water and mana herb in your inventory, you will see an option called “Enchant Burning” (provided you have the Enchant Skill). Click the “Enchant Burning” button to make the Magic Powder.

*There are 4 outcomes when you enchant burn:
(1) You get Magic Powder.
(2) You get Magic Powder and Enchant Scroll(s).
(3) You get Enchant Scroll(s).
(4) You fail to enchant burn.

If you fail, you will get some EXP for burning the enchanted item instead. Whether you succeed or not, the blessing water and mana herb will be consumed.

*The reason why we are using enchanted item to enchant burn is because this process can “reverse” the enchant property on the enchanted item back into an Enchant Scroll, which you can use it later on other equipment. (And don’t forget, only use Enchant Scrolls with blue text.)

*To use Enchant Skill, equip the Magic Powder in your left hand, place the Enchant Scroll in your right hand, and cast Enchant Skill to use the enchant scroll. Note the higher success rate displayed before using the enchant. After casting, if Enchant Skill is successful, the targeted item will be enchanted and the items in your hands will disappear. However, if Enchant Skill fails, you may or may not be able to re-use the Enchant Scroll again.
Author-Falsetto@Mabinogi Guru

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Very Helpful Thank You.


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