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Exclamation Giant Tutorial Quest Part 2

This is a Guide made by Nexon and posted on their official site
Mabinogi - Fantasy Life - If you want it with Pics click the link

************************************************** ***************

Giant Tutorial Quest Part 2
In Giants Tutorial Quests Part 1, you learned about the quests in Vales. This time, you will learn about the quests that involve finding the site of ruins, sketching, as well as defeating more powerful monsters.

* The following can be proceeded after completing the [First Aid and Resurrection] of the Giants Tutorial Quests. For information on [First Aid and Resurrection] quest, please reference ‘Giants Tutorial Quests Part 1’.

* All Giants Tutorial Quests are sequential. You must complete the required quest in order to move on to the next quest; so don’t forget to click [Complete] after the quest has been completed.

1. Learning Counterattack

Upon completing the [First Aid and Resurrection] quest, you can receive a [Counterattack Training] quest from the Owl. What is this skill that can apparently offset your opponent’s attack?

Speak with Taunes and acquire the Counterattack skill.

You can view the Counterattack skill by opening the Skill window and use the skill by clicking the [Learn] button.

The Counterattack skill allows you to counter the opponent’s close-range blow. The more powerful your opponent is, the stronger your Counterattack will be which makes this skill extremely effective in battle.

However, you will be immobile when using this skill and your Stamina will decrease until the Counterattack is applied. You will not be able to counter the opponent’s long-range attack or the Windmill attack, so beware.

In order to successfully execute the Counterattack skill, you must allow your opponent to make a close-range attack.

When you come across the Little Brown Timber Wolves, try making a quick attack, then use the Counterattack skill. You can complete the quest by successfully applying the Counterattack skill once and speaking with Taunes.

2. Pumping Water from the Well

Wanst, who is suffering from an extreme hangover, has given you a quest to pump water from the well. Wanst will give you an [Empty Bottle] when you speak with him.

You can fill up your empty bottle with water from any well or a river that's not frozen, which you will be able to find by following the [QUEST] mark indicated on the Mini Map. Hold the empty bottle in your right hand and empty your left hand. Then, click the well to begin filling the bottle.

You can simply drink the water from the [Water Bottle] or use it to cook or make potions. You can complete the quest by reporting back to Wanst with a filled water bottle stored in your Inventory.

3. Repairing an Item

Place the cursor on the weapon in your hand for information, including its [Durability]. Note that the durability will decrease every time you use the item.

When the durability reaches [0], the weapon will not be able to properly illustrate its effects which may present some difficulties in battle. How can you recover the durability of your weapon?

Taunes can repair your weapon.

Speak with Taunes for a brief explanation on how to get your item repaired. After he finishes explaining, start a conversation and select [Repair Item] to repair your weapon.

When you select [Repair Item], the Skill window will appear as shown above. It will display the weapons that are available for repair by the related NPC.

Select the item you wish to repair. If you do not have an item that needs its durability restored, proceed with the repair after you have battled a little more.

The NPCs who can repair items have different success rates and require different repair fees. The NPCs who charge higher fees to repair have higher success rates.

Also, the items which have been blessed using potions tend to have a lower chance of failure when getting repaired. But be careful! Should the repair fail, your item will no longer possess the advantages of a blessed item.

You will not be charged any repair fee for a failed repair.

You can complete the quest when you get your item repaired successfully.

4. Sketching the Sun Bearing Statue

Various types of ruins and artifacts exist in Physis. You can uncover these ruins and artifacts through different methods of exploration, one of which you can learn from Krug—sketching.

When you start a conversation with Krug, he will provide you with a [Sketch Paper] and ask you to sketch [The Sun Bearing Statue].

To find the Sun Bearing Statue, follow the [Quest] mark indicated on the Mini Map.

Sketch Action can be executed through methods provided below:
- Open the Action window (shortcut key ‘N’) and click on [Use] to use the Sketch Action.
- Right-click the Sketch Paper in the Inventory and select [Use].
- Left-click the Sketch Paper while pressing [Ctrl].

An icon comprised of a sketch paper and a pencil will appear above your character’s head when the Sketch Action is ready for use.
-Click on the artifact you wish to sketch.
-Note that you will not be able to sketch the artifact if the artifact is too far from you

After you have completed sketching, you may review the used Sketch Paper by opening your Inventory.

If you select [Use] by right-clicking the Sketch Paper, you will be able to view your sketching, and the location of the artifact will be marked in blue on the Mini Map. With the sketching of the Sun Bearing Statue stored in your Inventory, speak with Krug to complete the quest.

* You must have an unused Sketch Paper in your possession in order to use the Sketch Action.

5. Defeat Young Gray Physis Foxes

When you speak with Taunes, he will ask you to defeat the Young Gray Physis Foxes found a little far off of Vales. Follow the [QUEST] mark indicated on the Mini Map to find the Little Gray Physis Foxes.

While the Young Gray Physis Foxes are more powerful than other monsters you have come across, they can be easily defeated with the Combat skills you have acquired.

Try Counterattacking after blocking their attack with Defense, or use the Stomp skill.

You can complete the quest by defeating 5 Young Gray Physis Foxes.

6. Collecting Firewood

Zeder, the legendary warrior who cannot stand the cold, will give you a quest. He will ask you to gather 5 pieces of [Firewood] and give you a [Gathering Axe] after you have spoken with him.

Hold the Gathering Axe in your right hand and click on the tree that will provide you with firewood. You will be able to collect firewood according to the established success rate.

You can complete the quest by reporting back to Zeder with 5 pieces of firewood in your Inventory, which will also earn you the Campfire skill.

You can use the Campfire skill if you have 5 pieces of firewood in your possession. Build a campfire using the Campfire skill and rest next to it for an expedited recovery in HP and Stamina; it will even allow your would to heal faster.

Also, you can share food with other characters resting around the campfire.

7. Sketching a Little Red Physis Fox

Krug, who gave you the [Sketch the Sun Bearing Statue] quest, will ask you to sketch a Little Red Physis Fox this time to help him conduct wildlife research. Sketch Action will allow you to not only sketch artifacts but monsters as well.

You can only use Sketch Action when your subject is stationary, so you must attempt to sketch when the Little Red Physis Fox is motionless. Note, however, that you will not be able to sketch the unconscious monsters even if they are still.

In addition to the quest, you can also earn EXP by sketching monsters in Iria as well as its Dungeons.

Report back to Krug with the sketch of Little Red Physis Foxes stored in your Inventory to complete the quest.

8. Young Gray Dingo Claws

If you speak with Weide, he will tell you that he is in need of 1 Young Gray Dingo Claw. Although he won’t tell you why he needs it, you must fulfill this quest since it is the request of the prime minister of Vales.

This item has an established success rate, so keep defeating the Young Gray Dingoes.

Report back to Weide once you have stored 1 Little Gray Dingo Claw in your Inventory to complete the quest.

9. Finding the Giant Stone Statue Hidden by Magic

It has been said that there are many artifacts the ancient Giants have left deep down in the snowfield. You can discover these artifacts by using the [L-Rod].

*If you did not engage in quests with Meriel in the Tutorial Field, you must purchase the L-Rod before proceeding.

When you roam around with the L-Rod in your hands, the L-Rod will react through light and sound in response to the nearby artifact. 4 consecutive beeping sounds and a bright light indicate that there is an artifact close by.

Press [X] on your keyboard or open the Action window and use the Exploration Action key to find the artifacts hidden by magic.

Follow the [QUEST] mark indicated on the Mini Map and find [The Statue with One Hand Raised] using the L-Rod. You can complete the quest by reporting back to Krug after finding the statue.

10. Production Mastery skill

Zeder, the self-proclaimed fastest and the most powerful giant in all of Physis and the entire continent of Iria, has given you a quest to find 1 Young Brown Coyote claw.

As with [Young Gray Dingo claws], the Young Brown Coyote claws can be acquired at an established rate after defeating the Young Brown Coyotes.

With a Young Brown Coyote’s claw in possession, speak with Zeder to complete the quest. As a reward, he will teach you the Production Mastery skill.

View the Skill window upon speaking with Zeder and you will notice that you have acquired the Production Mastery skill. Click the [Learn] button to make an official use of the skill.

The Production Mastery skill, as with Magic Mastery skill, is a passive skill that allows for the effects to be applied automatically. The success rate of making/gathering items will increase as your Production Mastery skill rank goes up, and maximum Stamina increases will occur. Furthermore, this skill will also help improve dexterity when you reach above rank 9.

You have read about the intermediate quests presented in the Giants Tutorial Quests. You should be familiar with artifact exploration, sketching, as well as basic survival and battle skills by now.
But this isn’t the end of the Giants Tutorial Quests as more quests await you!


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