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AnnabelleMarie 02-26-2009 09:19 PM

Elf Tutorial Quest Part 1
This is a Guide made by Nexon and posted on their official site
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Elf Tutorial Quest Part 1

Filia is a mysterious town of Elves located in the heart of the desert. As a newly-created Elf who has just landed in Filia, what can you learn from there? Let’s start things off with [Nao’s Letter of Introduction] and slowly immerse yourself in the world of the Elves.

* This tutorial will entail the tutorial quests for Elves that take place in Filia.
If you are looking for tutorial quests through Vena, please refer to the [A new race in the desert, the Elves].

* All Elf tutorial quests are linked to one another. You must complete the quests in order to move on to the next quest, so when you complete the quest, be sure to click on [Complete] to complete the quest.

1. Nao’s Letter of Introduction

Do you remember Nao telling you to hand a letter of introduction to the chief of Filia when you’d first created your Elf character? Press [Q] to open the quest window, and see that a new quest has been entered: [Nao’s Letter of Introduction].

As you read the quest scroll, you’ll notice that the scroll instructs you to meet Castanea and hand her the letter written by Nao.

Once you meet the chief of Filia, Castanea, and start a conversation with her, you’ll notice that you have automatically handed her the letter and that the quest is ready to be completed.

As you can see, once you have completed the requirements of a quest, a yellow button will appear at the bottom of the screen stating [Complete].

Even if you have met all the requirements to complete the quest, you won’t be able to complete the quest until you actually press that [Complete] button. Please make sure to press the button to receive the rewards and benefits that come with completing a quest.

After meeting with Castanea and completing the quest, you will be off to the next quest, which is titled [Visit the Healer’s House].

2. Visit the Healer’s House

If your character reaches 0 HP, your character may turn unconscious. What can you do to revive your character?

There are a number of ways to recover your HP, and one of them is taking potions. You can learn how to recover your HP using potions through Atrata.

After lecturing you about the basics of HP, Atrata will ask you to take an HP 10 potion.

Press [I] to open your inventory, and you’ll notice that an HP 10 potion is in there, courtesy of Atrata.

Place the cursor on the HP 10 potion and either press [Ctrl + left click on the mouse] or right-click on the potion and click on [Use]. You can even consume the potion by simply pressing [H]. This will allow you to consume the potion directly. Afterwards, click on [Yes, I did] to hear the rest of Atrata’s explanation on potions.

Afterwards, return to Castanea and talk to her for a bit, and she will mention that although potions are good, it’s better to recover HP on your own. To do so, there’s a skill called [Rest].

The Rest skill can be acquired simply by talking to Castanea. Press [S] to open your skill window and see it for yourself. Press [Use] to practice the skill.

Once you have practiced the Rest skill, you’ll notice that the skill window will feature an activated [Get] button on the right. Press the button to officially acquire the skill past the practice rank.

3. Eliminate Baby Brown-legged Fennec Foxes

Castanea will mention that Baby Brown-legged Fennec Foxes have been disturbing other animals in town, and ask you to eliminate them. As you eliminate the Fennec Foxes, it will be beneficial for you to work on your [Range Combat Mastery] skill as well.

Range Combat Mastery is a skill that greatly enhances the amount of damage your bow attacks will cause, as well as enhance the attacking speed with the bows.

Where is the [farm on the right side of town] that Castanea mentions? You can find out through the minimap. Press [M] to access the minimap.

As you can see above, you’ll see purple squares with a [QUEST] written on top. This is called a Quest Marker, and it will definitely help you locate the items and monsters required to complete quests.

Head over to the region flashed on the minimap, and you will see a number of Baby Brown-legged Fennec Foxes. Use your bow and arrows to defeat these monsters, as instructed by Castanea.

In order to achieve Rank F of Range Combat Mastery, you’ll need to fulfill a number of requirements. Press [S] to open up a skill window and see what you can do to practice and improve on Range Combat Mastery.

As you can see in the image above, when you click on [Range Combat Mastery], you will see a detailed instruction on how to practice the skill. For Range Combat Mastery, you’ll have to fire from a long range 5 times in order to move up to Rank F.

After achieving Rank F on Range Combat Mastery, talk to Castanea to complete the quest.
Don’t forget to press [Complete] to finish the quest!

4. Magnum Shot, a Powerful Blow

[Magnum Shot] is a skill that delivers a significant amount of damage as opposed to the regular bow attacks, and it can even knock down those that are hit by it.

After talking to Castanea, open your skill window to see that Magnum Shot has been added to your repertoire of skills, and in practice level. Press [Learn] to formally acquire the skill and move up the rank.

Next, open up your minimap and move to an area where the quest marker is flashing. There, use the Magnum Shot to eliminate 5 Baby Gray Armadillos.

When you attack those Baby Gray Armadillos using Magnum Shot, you will notice that the monster will fly back a lot farther than using a regular bow attack.

Once you have defeated 5 of those, return to Castanea and talk to her to complete the quest..

5. Draw Water

When you talk to Castanea, you will learn that Atrata is in need of some water. Take the empty bottle of water she gives you and visit Atrata.

To fill up the bottle with water, visit the well shown on the quest marker. Equip your right hand with the bottle that Castanea gave you, and leave your left hand empty as you move towards the well. You will notice that when the cursor is placed on top of the well, it’ll turn into a shape of an empty bottle. Click on the well, and you will start drawing water from the well.

Press [I] to open the item inventory and make sure that the bottle has been filled with water. Once it is filled up, return to Atrata to start the conversation. If you talk to her with a water-filled bottle in your inventory, you will automatically give her the bottle.

Atrata will thank you for the delivery, and then proceed to teach you how to use the Stamina potion.

Stamina is displayed at the bottom of your screen, displayed in a yellow bar.

Stamina is used whenever you are using a skill or wielding a weapon, and if you’re short on stamina, you won’t be able to use skills or adequately defend yourself in battles.

Atrata will then give you a Stamina 10 potion to drink. Press [I] to open your inventory, and you’ll notice that a Stamina 10 potion is in there, courtesy of Atrata.
Place the cursor on the Stamina 10 potion and either press [Ctrl + left click of the mouse] or right-click on the potion and click on [Use].

You can even consume the potion by simply pressing [K]. This will allow you to consume the potion directly. Afterwards, click on [Yes, I did] to complete the quest.

6. Gathering Berries

Next, you will meet with Granites at the general shop to learn something about relieving hunger.

Talk to Granites, and he will explain to you in great detail what hunger means in the game.

As you can see in the image above, the stamina bar that is in black is actually a level of hunger. Obviously the longer the black, the hungrier your character is.
Hunger can only be relieved by eating food, and a good start would be using the berries that Granites will give you.

After that, you will be given a quest to gather some berries on your own.

Click on the tree and you will notice that your character will start striking the tree. After a number of times, the tree will randomly drop a wild berry. When that happens, pick up the berries, store it in the inventory, and then return to Granites. As you talk to him, you will realize that you have completed the quest.

7. Deliver the Holy Water of Lymilark

This time, Castanea will ask you to deliver the Holy Water of Lymilark to Meles of the weapons shop. After talking to Castanea, bring the Holy Water of Lymilark with you as you visit Meles. In return, she will teach you a melee combat skill.

When you are equipped with a bow, you will be engaging primarily in long range combat. This time, try following Meles’ instructions and defeat a Baby Black Armadillo either with a melee combat weapon or with bare hands.

After defeating 5 Baby Black Armadillos, open your skill window to see the progress on your Combat Mastery skill. If you have completed the training on the practice level, then press [GET] to move up to Rank F of the skill.

Afterwards, return to Meles and talk to her as Rank F of Combat Mastery, and she will teach you another melee combat-related skill called [Defense].

8. Training Defense

Talk to Meles, and she will challenge you to use the Defense skill while defeating Baby Brown-tailed Mongooses. If used right, Defense will allow you to deflect almost all of the damage received from an attack, and it also disrupts the enemy’s flow, which will help you respond in an effective way and ultimately defeat the monster.

First, attack the Baby Brown-tailed Mongoose, then immediately use the Defense skill. Since the monster was struck first, it will come back and attack you. Once you successfully defend Mongoose’s attack with Defense, take advantage of the split second you earned and control the flow of the combat.

After defeating 5 of those, report the results to Meles and complete the quest.

9. Learn How to Heal

Talk to Castanea, and she will teach you a new skill called Heal. After ending the conversation with her, open the skill window and click on [GET] for Heal to formally move up to Rank F of the skill.

When you use Heal, a small portion of your MP will be used as you will notice a glitter of light circling around you. While in that state, click on any individual, even yourself, and the clicked individual will recover his or her lost HP.

Please be aware that if you decide to heal yourself with the skill, then you will lose just as much Stamina as you will regain HP. This means if you are very low on HP, it’s best to exchange Heals with fellow “Healers.” That’s because if you heal another user, then your stamina will not be charged for the healing.

After a successful healing, talk to Castanea to complete the quest. When you click on Complete, this will allow you to learn a new skill called [Magic Mastery], which will help you raise the maximum amount of MP you can gain.

10. The Crown Jewel of Melee Combat: the Windmill

Windmill is called the [Crown Jewel of Melee Combat] for its flamboyant attacking style, as well as the amount of damage it dishes out on multiple enemies at once.

Windmill is not a skill that attacks a specific target; rather, it’s a skill that attacks anyone that’s up close, so naturally the skill can only be triggered when there’s an enemy or two in the vicinity. When an enemy walks into the area, you may either click on the target or the ground to attack.

One important note is that when a Windmill is successfully triggered, it will use up 10% of your HP, so use it at your own risk.

Successfully attack the Baby Armadillo 5 times with the skill, then report the results to Meles to complete the quest.

11. First Aid and Resurrection

When you talk to Atrata, she will start discussing the merits of First Aid and resurrection with you.

Sometimes, in the heat of combat, you will be inevitably attacked with a hit so powerful that you will become [injured] and unable to recover that portion of the lost HP.

The image below illustrates the extent of the injury. It is indicated by the black bar that takes up a portion of the HP meter. This is when neither Heal nor Rest will be effective. The best way to remedy this is through a skill called [First Aid].

Before triggering the First Aid skill, make sure that your inventory has bandages available. Note that when you get treated with First Aid skill while resting through the Rest skill, the effects of First Aid will be amplified. This is why it’s much more effective to be treated by someone else while resting.

Pets are innately equipped with the First Aid skill, so it’s best for your pet to carry some bandages with her, and when you are in need of a treatment, give them a First Aid command by yelling out ‘First Aid!” or “Mend!”. The pet will then give you a treatment as displayed above.

The Phoenix Feather Atrata gives you is an item that helps you resurrect a character that has been knocked unconscious.

Open your inventory and use the Phoenix Feather to have the feather icon flash above your head. Then, click on an unconscious character to resurrect.

We have so far covered the tutorial quests of Elves that are mainly based in Filia. Hope this tutorial is a helpful resource for you to get acquainted with the mysterious Elf town.
The tutorial quests are not over, yet.
Proceed with another set of tutorial quests and enjoy the benefits of watching your Elf character grow!


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