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Default Fieryshadowcard's Rent-Paying Guide to Part-Time Jobs

Fieryshadowcards Rent-Paying Guide to Part-Time Jobs

Part I: Introduction

Alright, you lazy bums! You hippies are gonna stop living off the landscape and robbing tombs and you’re going to work! Work, I say! Like you’ve never worked before!

And you probably haven’t. Well, maybe once or twice just to see how it is, or maybe a bit more than that if you were trying to get enough of some item, but not many stick around long enough to figure out that this is a system that can be quite lucrative if done correctly.

The part-time job system of Mabinogi allows players to take on various tasks from the NPC populace in exchange for various rewards, consisting of but not necessarily limited to: items, experience, gold and even equipment. Each NPC will give you a job once a day, and the jobs can range anywhere from delivering an item to gathering materials/foods to creating something. Part-time jobs are a type of quest that, while meager at first, can reap long-term benefits if you stick with them.

Perhaps the most difficult thing is actually sticking with the quests. Most rewards early on can be gotten in-game through other means, and for better gains, including food, equipment, items, money and especially experience. This is not the path for the grinder, but when grinding becomes rough for you or you just want to experience a different aspect of Mabi, part-time jobs may be for you! They:

-Provide you with constant exposure to the wonderful NPCs of Mabinogi and let you appreciate their diverse and enjoyable themes.
-Make you familiar with the world around you and the stories and lore of Mabi.
-Bring you one step closer to the diligence titles.
-Get better as you continue to do them.
-Just feel darn good to do, donchaknow?

So, now you want to figure out which quests are to your liking. This brings us to the next section of this guide:

Part II: Things You Need to Know About Part-Time Jobs

The first thing to note is that certain jobs are known for certain rewards. You don’t go to the Church hoping for food rewards, and you don’t go to the Blacksmith hoping to get some Holy Water. If you’re looking for an item, it’s probably best to know what you’re looking for and the likelihood that you’ll get it. From what I’ve seen, reward-specific jobs can be broken down into these categories:

-Healing House: Potions, bandages, phoenix feathers.
-Church: Holy Water of Lymilark, some tools and/or clothes.
-General Store: Harvesting tools, life skills equipment
-Grocery Store: Harvesting tools, life skills equipment, instruments, fashion, foods.
-Tailor: Clothes, weaving/tailoring materials.
-Blacksmith: Potions, equipment.
-Weapons Shop: Equipment, potions.
-Mine: Potions, clothes.
-Neighboring: Bandages, Phoenix Feathers, harvesting tools.
-Library: Potions, Phoenix Feathers, clothes.
-Book Store: Potions, tools, clothes.
-Music Store: Bandages.
-Flower Shop: Potions, Phoenix Feathers.
-Town: Food, clothes, weaving/tailoring materials, potions.

Whenever you take on a job of a certain type, your title changes to a part-time title for that specific job type for as long as you are doing that job. For instance, my character, who usually goes by [Valeria the Bear Slayer at 10] would, upon taking a church job, be known as [Valeria the Church Volunteer] until I either complete the job or fail. The titles give their own bonus stats as well, so if you had something to get done during a certain timeframe, you could use this to your advantage. The only downside is you generally don’t have long to do the job, so you generally don’t have long to use the title. D:

Anyway, along the lines of the above categories, you can only take on one job of a specific type each day. This not only means that you can’t take a job from the same NPC twice a day, but that if you go to another location and try to take on a job of the same type, you will get turned down. So, no Healing House abuse in Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton. T_T

Now, aside from the limitations of time and type, there are two more limitations: limited offers and job requirements. The first limitation is simple. Each NPC only gives out a limited amount of jobs each day. If you wait too long, other people might take all of the jobs, so it is best to get to a desired NPC as quickly as possible during the day. Certain job types are known for certain jobs they will ask you to do. To be frank, if you are not confident that you can complete the job in the allotted time given to you, do not take on the job. The jobs from the General Store and the Clothing Store (Tailor) often ask you to make some clothes. It would be absurd of you to try if you don’t have Weaving and/or Tailoring, or if you do have them but usually don’t succeed in making things. You should take on jobs that you can do, all the while keeping their rewards in mind. Most jobs don’t give very nice item rewards, but if you take them on anyway and stick with them, you can take advantage of some nice exp and gold rewards in the long-run. And, when you’re doing 4 or 5 different jobs a day, this can add up substantially.

A list of the jobs and many of their common requirements/rewards can be found here:

Now that we’ve gotten all the things you need to know out of the way, let’s get onto how to manage your job-hunting.

Part III: Maximizing Your Job Gains

The fact that you can’t take on the same job or type of job more than once a day puts a huge dent in our plans for reaping big rewards. But, no matter. It just gives us more time to tackle other jobs in the process.

The first thing you need to do: scope out the town that most benefits you. Chances are that you won’t have time to hop between towns to complete some of the more exclusive job types, so go where the jobs are the easiest for you and the most rewarding for your circumstances. Personally, I like Emain Macha. Lots of delivery jobs and the only harvesting job there is me harvesting corn, one of my favorite foods. You might take note that Bangor’s Church job is the only one in the game that will ask you to kill monsters. If you’re after Exp, this can be a better way to get it; keep in mind, though, that the Church is usually only open for 9-10 hours, so you’d best be careful, since this particular Church job is also the only one where you can’t prepare for it prior, which brings us to our next point.

The second thing you need to do: be prepared. After a hard day’s work (10 PM at the latest), your work for the next day has already begun. You should spend the night gathering items you know will be requested for the following day. This won’t usually take all night, so you can spend the rest of your time training nearby town, getting equipment repaired, etc. The very first job available to you in a town usually starts at 6 AM, so having this stuff squared away means that you can comfortably pace yourself for our next point.

The third thing you need to do: map out a schedule and a route. You should keep in mind when each job is available, when each job can be turned in, and when each job will expire. You should also keep in mind where you have to go for each job, how this relates to your other jobs, and what exactly you’ll need for each job. For instance, in Tir Chonaill, the two earliest jobs are the Healing House (Dilys at 6 AM) and the Neighboring job (Deian at 7 AM). Dilys expires at 3 PM and Deian expires at 7 PM. Neither can be turned in before 9 AM. Deian’s jobs will always ask you to bring him a minimum of 10 bundles of wool (that’s at least 8 slots of space in your inventory) and Dilys will usually ask you to bring her a minimum of 10 bundles of wool (that’s at least 8 more slots of space needed in your inventory). Dilys starts and ends earlier than Deian, but it is to your benefit to deal with Deian first.

Why is this, you ask? Deian will always ask for wool. This means, you can comfortably spare space for his job and turn it in at 9 AM while knowing that he will ask for and accept your wool. Also, the sheep for shearing wool are around his little hut, while Dilys is on the other side of town (which is quite a walk). So, you can shear his wool before dawn, turn it into him, shear her wool, and then make a trip to her hut. If she doesn’t accept it, you have extra wool for him for the next day. If she does, you have freed up space for the rest of your day’s jobs. If this is too much of a hassle, then there is another alternative. There is a job that runs parallel to Deian—the Innkeeper, Piaras. He asks for nothing but firewood and has the same timeframes available for his job as Deian. So, you could in theory, prep wool and firewood, start at Dilys to see what she asks for, turn in wool if she asks for it, deliver a potion if she doesn’t, deliver firewood to Piaras, and then make your way to Deian and shear his wool in front of him. This is arguably more efficient, even if it is more dependent on what Dilys asks for first when Deian is always guaranteed. If you choose to start from Deian first, you can then shear Dilys’s wool and make your way chop firewood on the way to her house, drop it off at the inn, and continue on to her job.

That’s two jobs minimum, three jobs max, right there. You should be done by 11 AM or Noon. As of Noon, both Ferghus and Endelyon’s jobs are available. Ferghus’s job will always ask you to deliver something, can be turned in at 1 PM, and expires at 7 PM, making his job the most important time-wise and most predictable job-wise. Endelyon will always ask you to gather things near her church, whether it’s eggs from the hens that run around right by her, or gathering some grains in the nearby farmlands which is a slight walk from the church. All Church jobs cannot be turned in before 4 PM, and with the exception of Comgan’s job (the one in Bangor that expires at 10 PM), all Church jobs expire at 9 PM. Depending on your luck, you could essentially be done these five jobs by anywhere from 4-6 PM, maybe later if you slipped up or got distracted.

As you can see, the more varied and demanding the job, the more chaotic of an impact it will have on your other jobs. So, if you know that a job gives the same reward elsewhere for easier and more predictable requirements, you might want to relocate to another town. Tir Chonaill is a little too chaotic for me, and it will only become more chaotic as I take on more advanced jobs, which I will touch on later.

Now, each of these jobs by themselves is relatively easy, but together, 5 can be extremely difficult and demanding if you cannot expect the same job each day. You can definitely finish three a day, but quite often will finish four or five. I prefer Emain Macha because I know I can finish every job I set out for even if I do end up getting a job I did not expect.

Part IV: Some Final Tips

Okay, so you’ve mapped out your schedule and your first run was a success. Congratulations, and I hope you can find a way to tack on even more jobs per day in the future. Here’s some additional things to make note of:

-Always read the quest description before accepting. If you fall into the comfortable trap of getting the same job often, you might not notice when you get a different job and then, you’ll end up turning in a quest you did not satisfactorily complete.

-Only fully completed quests count as a success. Quests often are marked by a % of completion, and if you turn in the quest prematurely, you might be able to get a fraction of the reward, but it will still count as a failure. You need to fail as little as possible if you want to be given harder but more rewarding quests later on, and especially if you want the official titles associated with the part-time jobs:

The Diligent: Finish one type of part-time job 100 times completely.

The King of Diligence: Finish one type of part-time job 10,000 times completely (@_@)

-Check your quest log often during the quest. Some quests require multiple objectives before turning them in, particularly delivery quests. You may be asked initially to give an item to someone, who will then give you an item to give to someone else, and so on. The quest log won’t tell you exactly what the additional objectives are before you complete their predecessors, but it will always tell you how many different objectives you will have to do. This will prevent you from thinking you’re done and turning in a job that is only 33% or 50% complete, thus failing. And believe me, this will happen to you sometimes if you’re not careful, particularly when you’re in a rush to get the job done. The dead giveaway is when you turn in a job and still have an “[Insert Item Here] to Be Delivered” in your inventory. Also, the rewards that give particularly exclusive items are only ever available if you completely finish a job. If you’ve accidentally turned in a job early or you think you have, you can always “Report Later.” It even gives you this option once more at the Reward Screen just in case you accidentally pressed “Report Now.”

-Do not abandon your jobs before you have achieved your goal. If you do not complete a certain job for three RL days, on each additional day, your job completion log will reduce by one, until you are listed as only having completed a job once for a success rate of 100%. In other words, if you forget to do your jobs often, the NPCs will, in turn, forget you. However, this may be a good tactic early on for erasing failures if you’re really that anal-retentive.

-More advanced jobs are based on how many of a job within a certain type you have completed, and your success rate for that job type. If you want Intermediate Jobs, you must complete a certain job 51 times, and have a success rate of at least 70%. Advanced Jobs require 100+ jobs completed and a success rate of at least 92%.

-Always have space available for items you need to gather. Make space while farming them, and then make sure there is space in your bank if you don't readily need them or the loads tend to be too large for taking on multiple jobs in one run.

-Never worry about having space for items that need to be delivered. Whenever you are given an item, in typical Mabinogi fashion, a temporary inventory space will be provided for items that cannot fit into your inventory for whatever reason. This space lasts for five minutes--more than enough time to deliver the goods--before the item is forced to fall to the ground. Take advantage of this, because it allows you to save your precious space for more demanding jobs. Any item in the temp inventory space that gets delivered is treated as if it were in your actual inventory, so it will still get delivered properly.

-If a job doesn’t have good items, it always, always has exp and gold. When you complete a quest, you always have gold and exp as the default option. Then, you have different variations of how much gold and exp, followed by a combination of items and either exp or gold. That’s why it is to your benefit to take on as many jobs as possible, even if the item rewards seem to be crap.

-100 of the same job may seem like a lot, but it's really not. An in-game day consists of 36 minutes. For the sake of argument, let's round this down to 30. That's half an hour per specific job. So, 100+ same-type jobs really only takes you around 50 real-life hours, 60 hours when you use actual numbers instead the ones I of rounded down, of game time. At 5-6 hours of part-timing per day, that's more or less 10 days--a little over a week. You could have the best jobs and a title in a week! So, get to it.

With this, you should be ready to build yourself a long-lasting career in the world of Mabi. Now, stop robbing those dungeons full of dead people and monsters and start contributing to society. Yeesh! Young people these days… >.>

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This sure ain't no picture book x_o.
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XD well thx for the info, there was some things I didn't know. I'm always doing part jobs so they relieve me of boredom after 2 ciar inters >_>. and only 9647 to go... T_T.
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hmm 10000 times 36min = game day/per ptj
360000 min divide by 60 = 60000hrs
divide by 24 for days = 2500 or 358 weeks

anyone wanna check me? too tired right now =___= going to take a nap

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If someone does part time jobs 24/7 and catches every single part time job they can get the title in 250 days (Like anyone would stay up 24/7 for 250 days >.<)
40 part time jobs/RL day
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Wow nice guide thanks ... the titles are gonna be hard though XD


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