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AnnabelleMarie 07-17-2011 11:41 AM

Ruairi's Housing Situation 8(
SO..............knowing the people/guilds in our server they have completely RUINED HOUSING.

When a castle falls there is a 1 week backup in being able to bid on a home. It also becomes the responsibility of the Guild Leader, Officer and Sr. Members to place up enough homes for sale at reasonable times for the whole server for 2 months.

Seng Mag Castle the first one to end its auction was won by "SATAN" for what i have "heard" 3xx,xxx,xxx. In the days they owned it NO HOMES WERE PUT FOR SALE 8( AND the castle FELL because they did not finish building it within the limit. Its now up for Auction again in till 07/21/11 at 01:15 pm pst. So if you want to live in Seng you are waiting 2+ weeks for a house.

Abb Neagh Castle the second to end its auction was won by "Valua" someone said they won for 4xx,xxx,xxx. Like the guild above they place up no homes for sale and the Castle fell. Its now up for Auction again in till 07/23/11 at 10:06 am pst. If you want to live in Abb you have to wait 2+ weeks for a house :x.

Dugald Castle the third to end its auction was won by "JESUS" i dont know how much they bid. They have destroyed 159 homes and as of this post 2 homes are up for sale at 50% tax the min bid being 10,000,000 and your weekly rent being 445,300 for 4 weeks. From 10 Million bids the castle owner gets 5% of that as a return the other 5% disappear from the game and 90% of that returns to the owner as a check. We are stuck with this guild for 2 months.

Cuilin Castle the 4th to end its auction (think it ends 2/4 weeks after the other 3) is still owned by Inebriation. Their castle sadly has less than 800 Dura left i think less than 2 weeks left so everyone from all the other areas including myself are scrambling to get a house >.< If we dont get one we cant get a house for a very long time lol. Its not helping that most of the homes auction ends the very same minute so if you lose your screwed.

Think im the only who complains about housing too everyone doesnt really notice who owns castles or how important they really are >.<

ThisIsAPen 07-17-2011 06:42 PM

Now that's a lot of gold, o.0

AnnabelleMarie 07-21-2011 07:50 PM

fixed it by buying Seng Mag Castle

**edit it just unfixed itself 8( Abb Neagh was won with 900 Million guild and all the homes are being destroyed

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