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AnnabelleMarie 11-09-2010 01:42 PM

G13s2 kr test
someone posted in nexon forums o3o

Team is Mabinogi.

Monday November 8, 2010
Test Server patch is in the process.
Please refer to the game for.

For more information follows.

================================================== ==============

Check the target: test server all channels

Check Time: Mon November 8, 2010 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 (approx. 3 hours)

================================================== ==============

Due to patch changes are as follows.

* Combo Card is a commitment.
- Skill in the order listed on the combo card, you can attack a stronger United States destination.
-> Test server, and weep for the hard mode mission some shadows in the dungeon with a high probability of a combo card, you can earn.

* The new benefit is added to account for beginners.
- NPC Duncan and dialogue than the rank of E F in one skill rank will be able to initialize.
- One day a week will be added to allow for reincarnation.
- 1, 3 'Starter younghonseok of out' will be added to receive the payment.
- Beginner level Cumulative effect of benefits will be changed to 50-99.

* Games will improve convenience features.
- Mabinogi will change the menu button.
- ESC key to close the window by using various information will be.
- NPC dialogue with the space bar will change to be able to proceed.

* Today's mission is added.
- When you play a shadow mission is an increase in compensation.
- Today's mission is to get real time once a day.

* Experience some Shadow of the mission will be scaled to compensate.

* Raft, hot air ballooning, Machang tournament, auction items, such as compensation and will make some changes.

* Bow, Crossbow Mastery is added.

* Dazzle playing skills will be enhanced.

* Elite difficulty, G13 and the new journal is added to clear.

* Some skill rank abnormally naeryeogadeon problem is corrected.
-> Lost AP's compensation until December 8 when connected to a test server AP1000 will potions.

* Raft, hot air balloon ride, etc. If you are moving to make sure the changes.

* Raft, hot air balloon inflated in certain circumstances, the compensation batdeon will correct the problem.

* CHER firing at the camp to distribute food to the character could not get the bonus stats will correct the problem.
- Camp Clearing Shep could not get the journal will correct the problem.

* Pekka Dungeon Demi Lich, half an hour to summon the ghost so that you could gain experience and gold will be changed.

* Picture Ripper was attacked by an invisible state will correct the problem.

* Paladin / Dark Knight after the title change and transformation could not use the skills will correct the problem.

Full details for the server to test some changes in commitment or a commitment may not be.

Thank you.

Bold: Google translate fail, the Koreans are not going to attack us.

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白*的隨興事紀 【mabi韓 G13s2】S2首測&異*合作內容

LaTale 11-09-2010 02:09 PM

Gotto love google! \o/
Out of all the stuff there... I'm probably most happy about being able to proceed a dialog with a NPC with the Spacebar.

Silver Rook 11-10-2010 05:21 AM

You can attack a stronger United States destination!

HELL YEAH! Nuclear missles, go!

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