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Gladiat 10-17-2011 11:44 PM

Just thought of something...
I was playing with some numbers in my head and I'm curious if Giants can reach a certain protection level (as close to 100% as possible) that will allow them to solo any dungeon or field boss in the game.

r1 Wind Guard: +50% protection when activated
Master of Barrier Spikes Title: +12% protection
Dragon/Avon Shield + Colonel Enchant + 2% prot artisan upgrade: +6% protection
2prot accessories + Taurus Enchant x2: +10% protection
Max protection upgraded clothes Tailored (+2% prot) + Reactive Enchant + 2% prot artisan upgrade: +9% protection
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Gauntlet BS Grade A (+2% prot) or higher + Burgundy Bear Enchant: +3% protection
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots + Burgundy Bear Enchant: +2% protection
Any metal weapon + Burgundy Bear Enchant: +1% protection

93% protection without transformation or level restrictions.

Transformation (r1 Shield of Physis): +18% protection
Transformation will result in over 100% protection while active.
Use of Golem ES will provide over 100% protection but only at level 15 and lower.
Use of Deep (not sure if this is the right enchant) may grant over 100% protection, but requires a high ranked barrier spike to be constructed (which kills the point of going for super protection gears and using Wind Guard)

Not sure if all the info is accurate, but that's all I could put together D: Please let me know if I have some wrong info or if some items could be swapped to increase more protection.

I want to see someone try to tank Dragon Fireball with this setup. With over 100% protection, they could reduce a move that could deal 10k damage down to 1.

This sure does put the protection on my character to shame lol T_T 23% protection non-transformed... although I need to enchant my gears.

EDIT: Never mind, the skill only lasts 50 seconds :x It was an interesting idea though. Still allows a person to tank a group of monsters or a boss by spamming taunt and bashing it while other people attack it for almost a minute D:

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