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AnnabelleMarie 10-07-2011 08:26 PM

[Ruairi] - Sen Mag Housing
S>Homes @ Sen Mag

There are homes to bid on available in Sen Mag everyday.

Housing Bids are fixed!.The Housing board is still down but people can still buy items from you.....people have been coming up with different ideas on how to get people to shop in your house.

* Placing a Portrait on the outside of your house will show others its occupied and to come inside
* Mailing possible customers a Moon Stone Piece
* Warping people to your house via Return Key or Moon Stone Piece
* If you make S>Threads add your home address to it
* If you make S>Party Ads add your home address to it
** If you dont own a house and just want to shop around park a mule in each of the 4 Housing Areas and load it up with gold and make inventory space.

If you do get a house you can finally start using your return coupons again if you still have them...just grab your Magic House Key from the Brownie

Map of Current Owned Homes in Sen Mag as of 10/15/11 10:00am pst

I can mail you a Moon Stone to Sen if you need one just send me a Note via the Mailbox. (Annabelle)


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[NA - Ruairi] S>Homes @ Sen Mag

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