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12-12-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Mabinogi Music Sensation!

Attention all Mabinogians,

We will hold our 2nd Annual Mabinogi Music Sensation Competition. Sign up today and tell us about your musical skills on the Mandolin, the Flute or any other instrument in game. Compete for your chance to win the 2nd Annual Mabinogi Music Sensation Competition. A GRAND PRIZE will be awarded to the winner, prizes for the Semi-Finalists, as well some random prizes for the audience. Hundreds will apply, few will be chosen and one will win. Don’t delay!

Everyone is welcome to come and watch the live performances and judging for this event. We will determine the exact dates and times depending on the community response. A schedule of events will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned!

So, you want to compete? GREAT! Keep reading!

Here’s how to submit your application:
• All you have to do is visit the Customer Support portal
• Select the “Game Related” category
• Select the “Contest” sub-category
• In the “Contest Name” field, enter “Music”.

Applications will only be accepted from Monday, December 6 (2:00pm PST) through Wednesday, December 15 (8:59pm PST/11:59pm EST).

All applications must have the subject of Mabinogi Music Sensation with the correct spelling, wording and correct Categories for applications to be read.

Once you are chosen from the applications you will be notified with the time, date and place you will be performing. There will a total of the three (3) rounds per server: Performances, Semi-Finals and the Finale. The Finale will be held in Emain Macha.

When you are chosen you will be performing in front of your peers and the Judges (THE GMS) from the Mabinogi community. If you are lucky to make it into the next round you will have to perform for the GM Judges again, we would prefer that you perform a different song for every round advanced – so be prepared!

1. Character Name :
2. Server Name :
3. What email address you want us to contact you at (make sure you are allowing emails from!)?
4. Is this a single or group performance application?*
5. Instrument type and proficiency?

*If you are in a band and would like the opportunity to perform please have the band leader submit an application through the ticketing system. We will take applications but may have a band competition on a separate date in the near future.
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