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12-03-2010   #1 (permalink)
gah lol
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Default Bug Hunting!

December 3, 2010

Happy Friday, Mabinogians!

We're back again to let you know about more of the bug squashing we are doing for the latest test client!

Adventurers head toward their fate just below the Erkey Falls in the Courcle Region, but before they can continue their journey, they are stopped in their tracks by a bug! Players have reported and we have confirmed that although you see the scene of your raft plummeting over the falls, your in-game character does not actually make it to the bottom. To the contrary, a player will end up stuck at the very top of the falls, unable to do anything.

Quite the frustrating bug, indeed! Well, we're happy to report that the Erkey Falls will be functioning properly in the next update. Explorers taking a relaxing jungle cruise down the Suytu River will once again be able to experience the harrowing fall in the Falls.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! We'll see you again on Monday with another Bug Hunting entry for our next game update!


December 2, 2010

As promised, we are back today with another bug-squashing update, based on responses from our regular users and community at-large.

Today’s update covers the single issue we received more feedback about than any other issue. Care to make a guess as to which bug we’re talking about? We’re talking, of course, about the recent issues with hobgoblins on the Suytu River rafts!

For those who aren’t familiar with this bug, it was discovered that hobgoblins were reviving on rafts after being defeated by players. On a similar vein, players who are knocked out on rafts could not properly revive at the docks and instead revived on the raft.

You’ll be happy to know that we have ironed out all of the kinks with this issue for the next game update! Hobgoblins are properly despawning upon their defeat and players can now revive at the docks if they are knocked out during battle. We’re well on our way to restoring many other issues to be working properly in the near future!

Thanks for you your participation and input, and we look forward to seeing you all in Erinn!


December 1, 2010

We have been working hard attempting to get a lot of bugs squashed in time for our next patch. Although we’re hard at work, we wanted to take a moment out to inform you of what we have been working on, and everything we have in store in the days ahead.

In response to some of the recent issues we have been having and your feedback from the forum and Facebook communities, we have been actively investigating many of the bugs submitted. We've been compiling our confirmed bugs and working with the developers in Korea to fix the issues with which players are most concerned.

Some of you may have already noticed some improvements to latency, especially regarding monsters. During the maintenance we held on November 30th-December 1st, we made some adjustments to the servers in order to address monster stability. As a result, we should be seeing fewer reports from players regarding monster spawn and latency. If you are experiencing any further issues in regards to monster spawning, please let us know in our forums.

In the days ahead, we will continue to inform you about some of the other bugs we’ve been working on around the studio in preparation for the update.

Check back with this posting for future updates regarding our bug hunt!

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