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gah lol
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Default Week Long Mabinogi Black Friday Sale!

The Mabinogi Cash Shop will be joining ranks with the rest of the retail world in offering our customers deals so great that they only happen once a year! We’re holding our own Black Friday Sale! Unlike many of the stores out there, Mabinogi’s sale won’t last just a day. It’ll last an entire week, from Wednesday, November 24th to Tuesday, November 30th! You’ll have an entire week to look through Mabinogi’s cash shop for amazing deals.

What kind of deals? We are talking up to 66% off various items found in the cash shop! Get a 10-year-old Age Potion for just 300 NX. Grab a Combat 2x EXP Potion for 720 NX. A bundle of 10 Fashion Gachapon normally runs 10,000 NX, but for this week-long Black Friday Sale, you can get it for 20% off at 8,000 NX!

Stock yourself up for the coming winter holiday season and check out what you can get in the Cash Shop from 11/24 to 11/30!

We’re also having a CLEARANCE SALE for three of our classic pets! Check out the post here!

Mabinogi - FREE Fantasy Life

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