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AnnabelleMarie 11-10-2010 08:22 AM

Mini Unicorn now on sale!
You’ve seen the White and Black Unicorns in the cash shop. Now you get to see the younger version of these pets, the young foal Unicorn!

Unicorns, being the mystical creatures that they are, have a unique coat. It flashes and glimmers in the light. Furthermore, these young Unicorns are a different breed than that of the unicorns that we know and love in Erinn. When making a new unicorn companion, you are able to choose the color of its coat, mane and tail!

While the mini unicorn may bat its long eyelashes, capturing the hearts of passerbys, do not let its apparent innocence fool you! Mini Unicorns have a healthy amount of HP, which allows them to stack up to many situations. Despite how many years a Mini Unicorn ages, it will not physically grow or age!

The availability of the Mini Unicorn is not as timeless as its looks! The Mini Unicorn will be sold from November 10th to November 23rd, so get yours now.

Want to buy a Mini Unicorn? Purchase some NX today!

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