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LaTale 11-03-2010 05:30 AM

Qualifiers of the Global User Design Contest
Dear Mabinogians,

Thank you for your participation in the Global User Design Contest.
First of all, we are so pleased to tell the good news to Mabinogians.
Ewan's robe won the contest so it proudly posted on the global Mabinogi website!!
Check the winner announcement
here and let's congratulate him!

We surprised that our Mabinogians have the great aesthetic sense and the creativity.
It was very hard to choose qualifiers because all works were very eminent.
So we selected additional unscheduled consolation prize!

# Consolation prize: Three-belted-mantle (armor) designed by Zero from Macha #
Unfortunately, Zero didn't win the contest but our Europe team and Devcat team members thought that
his design was too good to miss so we selected as the consolation prize.
The design of consolation prize can be made as a game item in the future.
If the design is made as an item, Zero will also receive the finished products
and the blacksmithing patterns as winners.

So, now, here are the qualifiers of each field!

- Armor
Artaelian from Morrighan
Clyde from Macha
Fin from Macha
Hisashi from Morrighan
ineko from Morrighan
Kagami from Macha
Kemock from Morrighan
Xephyr from Morrighan
Zero from Macha

- Clothes
Astrid from Morrighan
Hanso from Macha
Honeyandmilk from Morrighan
Jeyna from Morrighan
Kamy from Morrighan
Lussia from Morrighan
Maylin from Morrighan
Nyamerite from Macha
Reewis from Morrighan
Tsukiyo from Morrighan

- Robe
Internet from Morrighan
Monster from Morrighan
Resha from Morrighan
Sparkly from Morrighan

- Weapon
Bahaut from Morrighan
corox from Macha
Fylas from Morrighan
Morithil from Morrighan
Thewanderer from Morrighan
TNinja from Morrighan

All qualifiers are eligible to receive the Hat of Arch-Designer.

Aren't you a qualifier? Don't be disappointed!
For all participants, we will also offer the Hat of Apprentice Designer!
The participants who received the confirmation e-mail are eligible to get the event item.

The event rewards will be offered someday later so please check the upcoming notice on the website.
Thank you again for your great attention to the contest!
We hope you to enjoy your fantasy life in Mabinogi Europe!

- Mabinogi Europe Staff -

AnnabelleMarie 11-03-2010 08:56 AM

where pictures o3o? of the rest?

and now im confused x.x in the winner page for Europe it shows some from other areas? are those already the final winners?

LaTale 11-03-2010 10:33 AM

The winners are here~
It shows all the winners from all the regions~ All the 12 winners~
Zero's entry is more of a "You entry was really good and we liked it, so your design will also be made!"
The list at the bottom are the "finalist" and are those who will recive that 2nd hat~ The didn't post any images of those though.

As a side note:

AnnabelleMarie 11-03-2010 10:53 AM

what congrats on finalist :D

and i meant where are all the other Europe pictures 8< wanted to see all the runner ups :D

LaTale 11-03-2010 10:59 AM

Yeah, I thought you ment those. <: (I had a cat on my arms, so writing properly was had. I couldn't make myself too clear, sorry~)
They were a bit cheap on that part, so they didn't post any pictures of the finalists... ;A;
Hm~ I wonder if a "Post your design here" thread will pop up in the forum soon~

And thank you~ Many of my dear friends made it there too, So I'm super happy about the whole thing~!

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