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AnnabelleMarie 11-02-2010 07:59 PM

[JP] International Costume Design Japan Regional Qualifiers
„–™‚ƒƒ‚ƒ‚ƒƒ* ƒžƒ“ƒŽ‚ - Fantasy LIFE!

google translate go o3o... also they have WAY MORE winners than NA and i think their GM's actually followed the rules..
[Mabinogi] Thank you around the patronizing.

We recruit from September 30 through September 15, 2010 "MABINOGIグローバルコスチュームデザインコンテスト" will present works by the cut in Japan.

。 In addition, since each division winner and a great many works Gozaimashita in the work to reach an award-winning work in Japan provided a special prize qualification apart, we have elected.

With regard to implementation of the work item is a special award pending
Future benefits will be awarded the following award winners Narimashitara implementation.
- Completed a total of four wearing clothes designed by the person (or set of men and women can choose the number of neighborhood sex)
Patterns of the clothes - designed by one person (if the set is a set of male and female)

„–™‚ƒƒ‚ƒ‚ƒƒ* ƒžƒ“ƒŽ‚ - Fantasy LIFE!

to many images to post so everyone just click the link and share with us your favorite from JP

my favorite o3o

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