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AnnabelleMarie 09-10-2010 09:01 AM

International Costume Design Contest has begun!
It has begun! Get out your easels. Launch your art editing programs. Have your erasers and charcoals or fade and blur tools at the ready! The International Design Contest is now under way!

Enter and read all the details regarding the contest here.

Best of luck to all of our participants! We look forward to seeing your entries and representing North America!

Mabinogi - FREE Fantasy Life


Mabinogi International Costume Design Contest

Contest Eligibility

* Each entrant must be a registered user of the official Korean, Japanese, North American, Chinese, or Taiwanese Mabinogi service.

How to Participate

* Users will download the costume design template and sample files as distributed in the Mabinogi homepage of each service. They will work on the costumes as required and upload the completed JPEG image to the costume contest page.Download Design Template
* Users can choose to design in any one of the following categories:
o Clothing (Hats, gloves, and shoes optional)
o Armor (Helmet, gauntlet, and boots optional)
o Robe
o Weapon
* Users have to design a set of clothes, one for male and one for female. (EX: Magician Suit (M) / Magician Suit (F))
* OR, users can design one piece for both male and female. (EX: Slender Robe)


* September 09, 2010 ~ September 30, 2010

Winner Announcement Date and Method

* The list of winners and their works will be posted via the Mabinogi Homepage of each service on November 3rd, 2010. The winners will each be sent a Mabinogi message separately. (Some services will use email.)

Judging Criteria and Restrictions

The judging criteria for each category are as follows:

* Clothing
o The clothes need to look appropriate enough for daily activities and production activities.
* Armor
o There are two types of armor: Leather armor (leather mail) and metal armor.
* Robe
o Because robes are supposed to cover all of the body on top of other clothes, the robes need to look loose and wide enough to accommodate 'hidden' clothing.
o Robes must completely cover the whole body, with the exception of the face, hands, and feet. (Hair, arms beyond the wrist, and legs beyond the ankle must not be revealed.)
* Weapons
o Weapons must be equipped in-hand. Examples include swords, hammers, and wands.
* Colors
o Because Mabinogi clothes and equipment can be dyed up to 3 colors, fixed colors are usually not used. Though detailed coloring is not necessary to enter the contest, it is good to include a sample of color combination.
o Please mark the three areas that can be dyed and the fixed color areas with the following marks: [C1], [C2], [C3], [Fixed Color]
* Design and other issues
o The designs should fit the world view of Erinn, a fantasy world. Clothes that are too contemporary, futuristic, and not very closely tied to the North European fantasy world will not be chosen.
o A user may enter multiple times, but they will be eligible for only one award. In other words, no one person will get more than one award.
o Users must name and provide a short description of the items they create. This is to ensure no item details are lost in translation.

Rewards for the Chosen Designs

* The 3 best designs from the 4 categories will be chosen and rewarded. That is, a total of 12 pieces will be chosen from the entries of all of the services (12 sets, Set=Male and Female).
* The winning costume designs will be put into Mabinogi services all around the world. The winnerís character name will be used as the brand of the clothing.
o The costume will be introduced in 2011 (Exact timing will be at Nexon and developerís discretion).
o We have not decided how the costumes will be introduced to the game. The production skill rank and rarity may differ for each design. Details such as this will not be notified to the designers. (Ex. Will the clothing/pattern be sold in the shop? Will it be given as a dungeon bonus? Will this be a mob drop item?)
o The character name of the winning designer will be registered as the brand name.
+ This is possible only if the character name is relevant to the concept of the Fantasy world (Examples of existing clothing brands: Selena, Corres, Louis, Spika, etc.).
+ Inappropriate names, names that are not public-friendly, trademarks, existing personís names, etc. cannot be used as a brand name.
* The winning designers will receive the following in-game items.
o The completed products of the clothing/weapon that the user designed himself - four pieces of clothing (For male/female sets, the user can choose how many of each design he wants). Two weapons.
o One sewing pattern of his/her design, for male/female sets, both patterns will be given. One weapon manual.
* All participants will be given the following in-game items.


* Preliminaries
o 10/1 - 10/15
o Mabinogi GM of each world will nominate 10 from each category.
* Finals
o 10/15 - 10/31: The Korean Development team will pick the winners.
o Korean devCAT Live will pick three designs for each category from the winning regional entries.

Submit Your Design


* If there is no reward-worthy design in each category, then no winner will be chosen from that category.
* The copyrights of the winning designs will belong to NEXON Corp.
* The winners will be forfeited if they plagiarized another personís designs (even if this is found out later). At this time, the responsibilities regarding the copyright are with the person who submitted the entry.
* Please use the visit the Mabinogi Forums for any questions you may have.

Mabinogi International Costume Design Contest - NA

Mabinogi Global User Design Contest - Europe

Joey 09-10-2010 10:19 AM

I'm all over this event, seriously.

LaTale 09-10-2010 12:20 PM

I was thinking of doing this~
But OF COURCE my tablet stops working.
.. GREAT timing.

Joey 09-10-2010 01:45 PM

psh tablets. I intend to scan in my design ideas and adjust accordingly.

While I'd like to win, what I really want is those ****ing SWEET hats. The finalist one is so pimp it should be a crime.

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