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12-31-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default [Announcement] Mabinogi FanClub Event Winners!

Dear Mabinogi Fans,

Thank you for sending all of the bug reports during the closed beta.
Your reports were very helpful and we intend to take care of the bugs
that has been brought to our attention from your bug reports.

Among all the bug reporters we are proud to announce the most diligent
and faithful ones, the winners of Mabinogi FanClub Event.

Here are the winners for the Mabinogi FanClub Event:

IGN: Pallas Server: Macha
IGN: Hageshii Server: Morrighan
IGN: Suboshi Server: Morrighan
IGN: Tommy Server: Morrighan
IGN: ijskoffie Server: Morrighan
IGN: Heekaru Server: Morrighan
IGN: Lucifer Server: Morrighan
IGN: Benio Server: Morrighan
IGN: Silvia Server: Macha
IGN: Hayate Server: Morrighan

We will send a digital coupon code that can be redeemable in the game
for the prize, Mabinogi Fantasy Life Club, to each winner via email.

However, we will have to verify the winners and their email addresses
before we send the codes so please follow the instruction below:

- Use the following template when you write your email.
- Input correct information as required in the template.
- Send the email to from your valid email account before the 15th of January, 2010.

- Form -

E-mail Title
Fanclub / Character name: "Your character name"

E-mail contents
- Character name:
- Server(Morrighan/Macha):
- LoginID:
- Name:
- E-mail:

- Example -

E-mail Title
Fanclub / Character name: MabiEurope

E-mail contents
- Character name: MabiEurope
- Server(Morrighan/Macha): Morrighan
- LoginID: Your ID
- Name: Your Name
- E-mail:

This is necessary to confirm that you are the real winner as we may receive
false emails by other users.

Please note that you have to send the email using a valid email account so that
you can receive the coupon codes safely.

Further announcements may follow regarding the event winners and prize usage so stay tuned to
our future announcements.

Thank you again for supporting Mabinogi Europe!

- Mabinogi Europe Staff -

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