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06-26-2008   #1 (permalink)
gah lol
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Default Generation 2 Season 3 Update List

Hello Mabinogians,

Here’s the list of this week’s G2S3 updates:

I. Thunder skill has been added.

- Thunder skill can be achieved through Stewart in Dunbarton.

- Requirements:

a. Lightening Bolt rank F or higher

b. Lightening Wand must be equipped

II. 5 new pets have been added in the Premium Shop. Mabinogi - Fantasy Life

- Dalmatian

- Light Russian Blue

- Japanese Bobtail

- Silver Fox

- Golden Retriever

III. Summer Character Card is available for limited time only in the Premium Shop.Mabinogi - Fantasy Life

- Summer Character Card is exactly same as Premium Character Card except that Summer Character Card gives you special summer clothing as your character’s default clothes.

IV. New dungeon boss, Seiren, has been added in Rundal Dungeon.

V. Part-time jobs for Stewart have been added.

VI. Dunbarton Library is now open.

- Scary Library Dungeon is also available with the special pass from Stewart’s secret shop.

VII. Mini story quest for Aeira in Dunbarton has been added.

VIII. NPC Fleta has been added.

- Fleta is a traveling merchant like Price that appears randomly through out Erinn.

IX. 5 new eye colors and 5 new hair colors have been added.

X. The Blacksmith Manual for Hetero Kite Shield has been added.

Thank you for playing Mabinogi and enjoy the G2S3 update.

- Mabinogi Staff

Mabinogi - Fantasy Life

yay new hair and dresses >D now i can rebirth

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