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R 09-18-2013 07:15 PM

Roll Call, Roll Call

Caravan Joe's just been appointed headmaster, and the power's getting to his head, but in a good way! He's passing out Attendance Check Scrolls to all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Milletians who talk to him in the Dunbarton Town Square, starting on September 18th.

You'll get a check mark for each day you log in during the event period. Collect up to 30 checks on your Attendance Check Scroll to get perfect attendance...and all of the rewards!

The event lasts for 35 days, cutting you some slack in case you're out sick or have the urge to (gasp!) play hookie. That means you'll have 35 days to collect 30 nonconsecutive check-ins, but make sure you're actually logging in for a new session each day, because that's the only way to guarantee the checks register.

Event Dates:
9/18 (Wed) - 10/22 (Tues)

Event Details:
- Pick up an Attendance Check Scroll from Caravan Joe in Dunbarton.
- Earn a check for every calendar day you log in, up to a total of 30!

You'll be awarded increasingly valuable prizes for higher attendance.
- --3 logins ---Nao Soul Stone (Event) x5
- --6 logins ---Fixed Dye Ampoule Set x1
- --9 logins ---10 AP Potion (Event) x1
- 12 logins ---Perfect Skill Reset Capsule (Event) x1
- 15 logins ---Skill Training Seal (50) (Event) x1
- 18 logins ---30 AP Potion (Event) x1
- 21 logins ---25 Pon
- 24 logins ---Rusty Hammer of Proficiency (Event) x1
- 27 logins ---100 AP Potion (Event) x1
- 30 logins ---Black Flamemare Whistle x1

Start Headmaster Joe's new career right, and get a perfect score to make him look good! Otherwise, who knows what crazy event he'll come up with next?

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