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R 06-27-2013 04:54 AM

The Saga: IRIA
The Saga: IRIA

Follow the deep and rich story as it unfolds before your eyes!
-All New Quests
-New NPCs
-Brand New Storyline
-Hot Time during each episode
Limited Time Only!

Strange Cat Gachapon (Coming Soon)
-Each box contains a special item
-Receive a special NPC Title or a pair of Spirit Weapon Wings
-7 days only!
All New Events!

Black Dragon Raid
-The Black Dragon is a permanent addition to Mabinogi
-Fight for power and rewards
-Purchase a Black Dragon Summoning Scroll for even more fun
Rock, Paper, Scissors
-Test your luck with an old fashion battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors
-The more you play, the more titles you will gain
Episode Hot Time
-Log in before 6:00PM Pacific
-Once the episode begins each player will receive a special gift!
Saga Release Hot Time

Known Issues
-RPS quests are not being received
-Beginner Horse Whistles are invading the server
-There are now two different mystery robes
-R/S Upgrades have been scrambled
-Some shops are not opening
Additional Features
-Minimize Effects option added < will turn off beam swords and such
-Any time the client drops under 10FPS it will adjust the settings
The Mabinogi Team

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